How to potty train you ferret

This is the way I potty trained my ferret its not hard unless you have a stubborn ferret.

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2 Responses

  1. TheRoku01
    | Reply

    I have a kit ferret, going to be 3 months in 3 days. He’s cage is not the
    biggest its a one level (for the moment) but i put litter and some of his
    poop in it, but he doesnt go and poops on the wall of the cage. When we let
    him lose,.. and he goes back to the hall he poops by my door… :/ What
    kind of litter do you use? or any tips? How long did it take for your
    ferret to be potty trained?? I need help…

  2. Joshua7732
    | Reply

    Hmm. well my ferret had already began litter training when we bought him I
    used newspaper pellets that I bought at petsmart where I got my ferret one
    thing is to make sure your regular base bedding in the rest of the cage
    isn’t the same as the litter you put in his cage .. try not putting a
    litter pan in his cage for about three days and see where he goes potty at
    . then collect all the feces and put it in part of the pan where he has
    been using it and make sure you keep a steady hand at this ..

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