How To Potty Train a Puppy – How to House Train Your Dog – More great tips for raising a happy and healthy puppy! How To Potty Train a Puppy – How to House Train Your Dog Knowing how to potty t…

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31 Responses

  1. Randi Nordnes
    | Reply

    my puppy is 2 1/2 month, and after she’s finished her last meal, i take away water and let her go potty two times before bed time. with this she´╗┐ can hold for about 6 hours, meaning i only need to wake up and take her out once in nighttime!

  2. LittleQuake1
    | Reply

    @Jason Samaroo it might be because you dont´╗┐ say no or not in the house

  3. evilpaper456
    | Reply

    Poodles aren’t ugly and no it’s not ok to´╗┐ hit ANY dog really hard

  4. AmishRiot
    | Reply

    what if it is an ugly dog like a poodle? Surely its ok to beat´╗┐ an ugly dog

  5. luvtopgear02
    | Reply

    I have no advice on that…But, my cousins dog did the same thing! So I had to take care of it, and when i would bring it outside for hours! But,´╗┐ then when I get in the house it pees ALL over the floor! Geez!

  6. Jason Samaroo
    | Reply

    My dog only pees inside but whenever I take her outside´╗┐ she doesn’t pee

  7. aeria blitz
    | Reply

    never ever annoy big dogs´╗┐

  8. Ahab Nimry
    | Reply


  9. rtyui91
    | Reply

    Doesn’t work´╗┐ :p

  10. lostsoulsproductionX
    | Reply

    play outside´╗┐

  11. evilpaper456
    | Reply

    You should never hit a dog really´╗┐ hard it will just make things worse

  12. evilpaper456
    | Reply

    You should never hit a puppy if it has an accident it will only makes things worse´╗┐

  13. DodoandHenryGames
    | Reply

    THANK YOU´╗┐

  14. Angel Capoeman
    | Reply

    what the heck do i do if i stay outside with my dog for a while and all he does is chew on grass..and sit at my feet..but when im´╗┐ convinced he just doesnt have to go i bring him inside..and when i turn my head for´╗┐ 2 minutes, he goes inside? he is only 2 months old..and i dont want to not let him know its wrong but idk what to do with him if he doesnt “understand” punishment..? please help a lost soul :/

  15. Diana Lopez
    | Reply

    Thi´╗┐ was really helpful!! THANKS!!

  16. LexiCool5252
    | Reply

    I put my dog in a room when i first got her but every time´╗┐ I let her out to play she keeps peeing! HELP PLEASE!

  17. rainingstar10
    | Reply

    This is so helpful, sad thing is that i don’t have´╗┐ a dog….

  18. Dillion Chum
    | Reply

    here’s an old fashion tecnique´╗┐ hit it on nose when the dog’s being bad

  19. HKA43
    | Reply

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  20. Jamie Garcia
    | Reply

    Did someone say´╗┐ hitting? Dog abuse much?

  21. davehayes2204
    | Reply

    Yes, or hit it really hard. It does not matter´╗┐ that the puppy will associate peeing with abuse and develop a complex that leaves it scared to pee…. ­čÖé

  22. Sourabh Sharma
    | Reply

    yep i agree. even i was very sad since i´╗┐ workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Between In a best female model 2012 exclusive interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items. if you are serious go for it now

  23. lovelymeforeverful
    | Reply

    the video on how´╗┐ to crate train your puppy is private!

  24. Rose Lush
    | Reply


  25. Aoife Holland
    | Reply

    if your puppy pisses indoors take his face and dip his snout in the pee. it may seem a little unpleasant but it is such a good technique and after doing it just twice maybe three times´╗┐ your puppy will never pee inside again

  26. jason dean
    | Reply

    my dog´╗┐ just jumps at me then goes on the rug then eats it

  27. pozilhan
    | Reply

    So when you first get´╗┐ a dog, you train it to pee inside, then when they grow you take them for walks and let them pee outside??

  28. Caleb Dorr
    | Reply

    did she eat a lemon or rotten oyster before filming?
    Was she going for Stephen King’s ‘Misery’ as´╗┐ an overall theme?
    How would a dog trust this woman?

    | Reply

    thanks bud, he is learning now i put him outside to go the´╗┐ toilet or usually he would go to the door to look out to go. the last couple of days though i put him outside and yet he still comes in and goes on the floor.

  30. Zaxbys18
    | Reply

    Don’t´╗┐ let him come back in. Make him go outside or not go anywhere.

  31. Zaxbys18
    | Reply

    I am getting a puppy in about 6 months and I can’t stop watching videos about the breed of dog and training tips for it!´╗┐ Is this bad because I’ve had several dogs before this one and I know exactly how to handle them?!? I guess I’m hoping this will be super dog or something.. haha

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