How To Potty Train a Dog and Get Results

How To Potty Train a Dog and Get Results

By Julie Harper

Want to learn how to potty train a dog? Is mans best friend becoming a real chore to keep up with day in and day out? Does Fido simply refuse to do his business outside and insists that relieving himself on your beautiful hardwood floors is his duty? Then you have come to the right place!

This article is completely dedicated to showing you how to potty train a dog and get results.

If you do your research, you will find many different methods used by dog owners on how to potty train a dog. In every instance, however, you will find two similar aspects. The first aspect that is uniform from everyone who shows you how to potty train a dog, is that potty training should begin as a puppy. From the minute they are weaned from their mother and you bring the excited little puppy into your home, potty training should begin instantly. The longer you wait to learn how to potty train a dog, the harder time you are going to have. Ever heard the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Well, you can, it is just so much harder to learn how to potty train a dog as they age. Puppies are much more responsive because they are just learning how things should go. The second similarity in how to potty train a dog is the result, which is what everyone wants – a trained dog.

Now that being said, let us look at a few methods of how to potty train a dog. First, know that puppies feel the need to relieve themselves at a variety of times and usually at the most inopportune times for you. However, when you learn how to potty train a dog, the responsibility is somewhat similar to potty training a child – you have to be consistent and on the ball at all times. When learning how to potty train a dog, you should be aware of his or her actions when they are about to relieve themselves. For instance, if you find your puppy sniffing around on the floor, this is the time to walk them outside, to show them this is where they must do their duties.

If while you are learning how to potty train a dog, he or she has an accident, and you can almost bet that they will, be strict but do not punish the dog. If you happen upon them while they are going to the bathroom on your floor and furniture, yes it is embarrassing particularly if you have company over, do not yell, or smack the puppy. When learning how to potty train a dog, simply clap your hands, the action will startle him and likely result in his ceasing to go to the bathroom at that moment, and then take him outside right away. This way he will finish his business outside and you are instilling in him or her, exactly where they should be going.

The key is to be firm and consistent, while you learn to potty train a dog, reward them for good behavior. Soon you will find that they are getting the idea and start telling you when they need to go outside. When they do start letting you know, make sure you are watching and let them out right away, or you may find yourself back at square one.

Julie Harper is a dog lover who believes in using positive techniques for dog training. For more in-depth advice go to, which includes free email consultation designed to address YOUR individual situation and needs.

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