How to Plan a Birthday Party for Your Dog

By Joseph Armstrong

Although your four-legged family member may not grasp the concept of birthday parties, he or she will definitely appreciate the celebration. Dogs love the extra attention, activities, and treats. Plus, it is a great excuse to get together with your fellow dog loving friends and have a fun day.

Follow the steps below to plan your dog’s birthday fiesta:

Step 1. Make a guest list. How big of a party do you want to have? The guest list can include family members, friends, neighbors, or co-workers plus their canine companions. Basically, any dog lovers and dogs you know! You may want to rule out pets that do not play well with others, however.

Step 2. Choose the location of your party. You can throw a party at a local dog park or beach, in your own backyard, at a pet day care or even at some bakeries for dogs. Keep your guest list in mind as the space should be able to accommodate everyone.

Step 3. Send out invitations. They can be as simple as evites or phone calls or more extravagant handmade or store bought invitations. Many online stores and pet boutiques sell dog birthday party invitations.

Step 4. Go shopping! Buy decorations, gifts for your dog, and party favors for your dog’s friends.

Step 5. Plan the menus. You will need 2: one for dogs and one for people. Serve lots of treats and water on the rocks to your canine guests. Make sure there are plenty of water bowls. Most importantly, you need a birthday cake. You can purchase a dog-safe birthday cake from a pet bakery or get a recipe online and bake one yourself.

Step 6. Plan activities. You may want provide toys, Frisbees, and tennis balls to play with.

Step 7. Have fun!

Joe Armstrong is a dog lover and writer for Dog Bed Street, an online store specializing in dog beds

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