How to pick up/ hold your pet rat

How to handle your rat properly.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

31 Responses

  1. Blueninja448
    | Reply

    Does it work´╗┐ with wild rats?

  2. Katie Imbro
    | Reply

    What a cutie. Why is it that´╗┐ they lick me whenever I hold them? Is it just grooming?

  3. Keeley Cross
    | Reply

    duh! what do you think´╗┐

  4. TaintedBlossom
    | Reply

    yes rats tails do´╗┐ have bones

  5. TaintedBlossom
    | Reply

    yes they´╗┐ do

  6. M Luluca
    | Reply

    They don’t have bones in their tail´╗┐

  7. M Luluca
    | Reply

    Yes you CAN´╗┐ hold them on there tail just at the base but good uuurrrr..tutorial

  8. Theone120x1x
    | Reply

    This is like completely wrong… You can hold a rat by its tail as long as you hold them by the base of it… it is actually the way they do it in labs and their tails´╗┐ don’t have bones

  9. nerdycats
    | Reply

    no shit sherlock… do you like being pushed´╗┐ off buildings ?

  10. oldGnRrocks1
    | Reply

    the only reason i need to know how to hold a rat, is to either: pick them´╗┐ up dead from the back yard… or feed them to my snake… lol jk, i wish i had a snake….

  11. Hough Jazz
    | Reply

    hhahaa hope you enjoy it (:´╗┐

  12. loliluvmanicpanic yupyup
    | Reply

    gonna get two males on monday so excited its unbelievable im been´╗┐ doing research on them for a month and a half and trying to convince my parents for half the time finally convinced them CANT WAIT IM LITTERALLY SHAKING WITH EXCITEMENT RIGHT NOW

  13. rachael.has.entered
    | Reply

    If he’s running away u haven’t held´╗┐ him as much as u need to

  14. Alaura Haynes
    | Reply

    Getting two´╗┐ girls soon ­čÖé can’t wait. I’ve been studying for days XD already picked out a cage. Your ratty is gorgeous

  15. Yevpraksiya
    | Reply

    I never picked up my rat by the tail. But they were all´╗┐ very tame and most of them would even climb up my arm themselves ­čÖé

  16. LupDomnitor
    | Reply

    Dump the boyfriend then get´╗┐ your rat. I assure you the rat will love you more than you bf.

  17. LupDomnitor
    | Reply

    Didn’t realize there was a rat etiquette. I heard about the picking them up by their tail thing. Ive had dozens of rats´╗┐ and I have never broken or hurt them by picking them up by the tail. Their tail is probably the strongest set of bones in their body. I put them down by letting their bodies slide to the floor through my hands and the last thing I am holding is their tail til the lightly hit the ground. They never squeak of get hurt. Or had back problems.

  18. LupDomnitor
    | Reply

    LMAO actually´╗┐ you both are hilarious.

  19. connor francis
    | Reply

    your´╗┐ so hot wow

  20. nathenandrew
    | Reply

    I had 6 boys, all brothers, named´╗┐ Gray boy, Nickolas, Shady, Spot, Oreo, and Silver belly. I picked there names based on their looks, Nicky didnt have a neck so I called him no-neck-nick, Shady was all black and he would sit in the shadows and lurk… Oreo was black with a white stripe down his belly, Spot had a spot on his head, Silver belly was black with silver hairs all through his coat but his belly was all silver/gray, he was beautiful. Point is I’d wait til you get them and go from there.

  21. Natasha Ward
    | Reply

    Call´╗┐ them bubble & squeak!

  22. BossBear92
    | Reply

    Thank you for this video ! I’ll most likely be´╗┐ getting 2 boy rats soon.
    Taking name suggestions!!. I had a very good name for a girl rat, Lulu, but i clicked with a boy rat so will go with that. Keep making more vids like this! GOD BLESS!!

  23. bluemoonhaunts
    | Reply

    i´╗┐ want a jumbo rat but my bf said no ­čÖü

  24. jiani2smooth
    | Reply

    i´╗┐ had my rat for a couple of days and it is almost tamed

  25. ThePetmaniac
    | Reply

    My´╗┐ rats names are woody and buzz what are some other ppls ?????!!!!

  26. trav man
    | Reply

    i just got a´╗┐ rat and didnt no how to handle them ……but now i do ty ­čśÇ

  27. fuasshole666
    | Reply

    funny no,´╗┐ retarded yes.

  28. TheCHARMEUSEdu96
    | Reply

    No, actually they love being thrown, and you gotta bang their head really hard on the´╗┐ floor to make them appreciate it even more !! LOL (funniest comment so far) (yours not mine obviously XD)

  29. SatansInfantry
    | Reply

    So, throwing them is bad?´╗┐

  30. Imran Azmi
    | Reply

    Thanks! It’s actually tamer´╗┐ now =)

  31. TheCHARMEUSEdu96
    | Reply

    good luck with the taming´╗┐ ­čÖé

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