How To Pick Up and Handle Your Hamster!

Click on HD to see in HD. This is a video showing you how to pick up and handle your hamster the correct way. Hope you enjoy and find this helpful 🙂 x MY LINKS: Facebook page: https://www.fa…

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D



    Hamsterallstars47 – Thank you, aw yeah sure hope so 🙂 


    laurels pets14 – Thanks, yes she already had that when I first adopted her.
    It must have been from her previous home. Could have been attacked maybe
    when she was a baby in a litter or a little accident with something sharp
    in her previous cage. Then again she may have been born like that , aha I
    will never really know. But what matters the most is its not bothering her
    in anyway, she has had no problems with it and she gets on perfectly with
    life even with a little tear in her ear, I just see it as a natural feature
    now :)


    Pawsitive Petz – Thank you, glad you found it helpful 🙂 Sure I will check
    out your channel sometime, hehe aww :)


    Jacobs Little Friends – Thank you so much! :)

  5. Hamster Horsesandcats says:

    Great video! Very informative and well edited and of course Nutmeg is


    Cobra Kim – Yes it can especially with the scooping method and also the
    scoop and over, quite similar and with rats you can handle them on your
    shoulder if they decide to stay there aha, as they have great balance :)

  7. Shady TVava says:

    Thanks.. My hamster does bite but I will try this. my hamster has been with
    me for a month now and I only put it in the hamster ball to keep it secure
    and I haven’t thought of a single way to pick it up.. This is a great idea
    from you, nice edited and I love your hamster, the very first hamster looks
    like my hamster! I’m going to try this out.


    AllyMsp X – Not quite sure what you mean by Ty for the vid? 

  9. Pets Palace TV says:

    Lovely video and editing! This will help so many owners, especially new
    ones 🙂 <3

  10. Shady TVava says:


  11. Kirsty Hebden says:

    I did a how to pick up and handle your hamster

  12. FlamingoPetzPhoebe says:

    This was a great video! Very informative 🙂 Nutmeg is so cuteee <3 x

  13. PixelPetsTV says:

    What a lovely video, and very informative! :)

  14. CJ101SCOOBY202 says:

    This video was so professional!! 🙂 😉
    Nutmeg is adorable! Great editing also! I loved this one!<3<3

  15. When I used gloves my hamster actually bit the glove, maybe because they
    are big and black? I’m afraid to try to pick him up with my bare hands
    because I don’t want to be bit:( I’ve had him for 3 or 4 days now

  16. Yasmeen Kassam says:


  17. ButterCup the hamster says:

    I can’t… I scared and I don’t have gloves please help

  18. EmNoelle3_Minecraft says:

    Great info for new hamster owners!

  19. LeoBubbles03 says:

    Great video ❤️ Nutmeg is adorable! 

  20. HammyLux says:

    Nutmeg is such a cutie pie!!!! Great and informative video peachy!! Looks
    like you spent a lot of time on this video:) it sure payed off so well
    edited!! Huge hugs from me and coco and happy holidays!!

  21. Evie Carlton says:

    this was so helpful! thanks!

  22. Thx this help my CUZIN Sooo much

  23. PinkyPieHamster says:

    Nutmeg is sooo cute! Really great and informative video. Really well done.
    People who aren’t as experience will defiantly find this video helpful and
    of course adorable too!!!! (:

  24. Eddie Mohd says:

    Thanks for this video cause i really am scared to pick up my hamster cause
    it bit me once and dont mind my picture its my dad’s account and im a girl

  25. CreativeCare says:

    I have been so busy I only just noticed you have uploaded a new video 🙂
    Very informative, for new hamster owners :D

  26. GerbNerdLolz says:

    This was very helpful, PEACHY PETPARADISE! 🙂 <3

  27. Lucys Petcare says:

    lovely video as always nutmeg is so cute 🙂 and great informative video xx

  28. AshleyLovesAnimals says:

    Wow. Your videos are so well. IM getting my second hamster soon and IM so

  29. Martin Green Sanz says:

    what if the hamster poos in your hands?

  30. AllyMsp X says:

    Ty for the vid, i dunno if my mate knows this shes got a syrian hamster
    called Harry

  31. Asia Creations says:

    Thank you and Honey kind of looks like my hamster Coco! :-D

  32. Nayyab Mehmood says:

    Can you please put your self in the inro

  33. eXtremeColors488 says:

    Great tips! 😀 Teeheehee! Nutmeg’s made an appearance! 😀 xoxo

  34. hamsterlover 100 says:

    Great video I really joyed it:)

  35. I don’t even have a hamster but I still love watching all your videos, its
    nice to know more and more about small animals, as so many people take them
    as pets that don’t need attention and should just stay in their cage being
    fed. I’m thinking of getting a job in the near future at petsmart here to
    help educate people in the right away about the animals they’re buying
    there. As the people there don’t really know very much about them. They
    recommended a cage for my rats that was half the size needed! As always,
    your videos look amazing and clean, and stick to one subject! Thanks for
    making these, even if I don’t have hamsters haha.

  36. Lilla Neuhauser says:

    So informative! I also like the music! 🙂 :D

  37. handy hammy says:

    t video:)

  38. Lex Morin says:

    Any advice on how to get them out of the cage? I wash my hands and
    everything and the hamster is used to me but I can’t get it when it’s in
    his cage. He always bites me, I have to completely take apart the cage to
    pick him up and like that he doesn’t bite.

  39. Izzy's Farm says:

    Another great video!

  40. lovinghammy says:

    Very nice video food job

  41. simsnplumbobs says:

    Can you do a rat cage tour plz :)

  42. Kittykat says:

    Love this Video! <3

  43. breyer lover studios 283 says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss honey Rest In Peace I’m praying for you

  44. Hamster Swagger says:

    Wow thank you so much. It was helpful 🙂 sub back of you like my channel 

  45. HammilyEverAfter says:

    Great and informative video! I’m looking for some advice about rat cages.
    What do you think of the Savic Zeno 2? On the rat cage calculator it says
    up to 4 rats but I would only get 2. Also, could you keep rats in the same
    room as a hamster but free range them in a different room? Sorry for being
    nosey but hopefully am getting rats soon and I’m super excited:)

  46. ThePetHutSpiral says:

    Loved the video and btw nutmeg is adorable!!

  47. kollie hoinins says:

    Where are you from.
    Love your accent 

  48. MaddyandMarah says:

    A great video! Toby will clean himself in my hands or around me but still
    jumps 🙁 I’m worrying he’s going backward in taming as he’s so lazy it’s
    hard to get him out to play

  49. Foxy._. Girl says:

    Do you have Kik or anything i could possible contact you
    EX: instagram, imessage,kik,hh forum,oovoo

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