How to make your hamster not bite

This is a tutorial on how to make ur hamster not bite.

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13 Responses

  1. 575mewtwo
    | Reply

    Dont hurt it!!!

  2. BlackOpsKing211
    | Reply

    I had hamsters before nd they use to bite…they bit pretty strong kuz
    iWould start bleeding….hope this helps me

  3. emolonelywolf13
    | Reply

    im gonna try it :3 just as soon as my hamster wakes up 😀

  4. axeldelgado85
    | Reply

    how old are you

  5. May Wong
    | Reply

    Don’t hold them like that , people say it doesn’t hurt then bc their mom
    picks them up like that but out fingers are different

  6. Otaku Taco
    | Reply

    Wow, this really helped! Thank you!

  7. DwarfHamster1000
    | Reply

    I hope this video helped you

  8. Warriorcatsluvur
    | Reply

    Miranda, don’t cuss on a child’s video

  9. Miranda Flores
    | Reply

    wow ur like a fuckin pet whisper LOL xD

  10. brady demerchant
    | Reply

    your sexy!

  11. 0UnicornProductions0
    | Reply

    Omg never hold a hamster by the back like that… That hurts them more then

  12. DwarfHamster1000
    | Reply

    thats how their mom picks them up they wouldnt bite their mom would they???

  13. Kyle Leahy
    | Reply

    Don’t ever pick up hamsters like that

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