How to make your hamster love you

If you like the hamster it is a winter white hamster. Also if you do this most of the time your hamster will love you. Please subscrieb below sorry if i spel…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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29 Responses

  1. Steven Pocock
    | Reply

    You were not handeling that hanster properly

  2. Laura Medley
    | Reply

    I think that this is a good video. You are sorta pushing the hamster to come onto your hand. Just take it gradually. Wash your hands before you touch the hamster and the hamster will get used to your scent. Then the hamster will love you more than anything. Overall a gr8 video. Your hamster and your dog are so cute. Your hamster looks a bit like my hamster. X

  3. Jamie Kelly
    | Reply

    first of all you should take out the music and talk so you can tell us what your doing and how you do it

  4. barbro næs
    | Reply

    Cool video

  5. butterfly heart
    | Reply

    Problems with the hammy: 1. Cage WAY to small. 2. Wheel is not good. 3. You have a dog. 4. Rotten next up food. What the hell is this?

  6. securitycrisiis
    | Reply

    my hamster is a little timid, hes very young, gets startled when i touch him, how can i get him used to me so i can pick him up and play with him? i’ve had other hamsters and they werent timid, they let me play with them right away.

  7. lovelyjaelynww
    | Reply

    if the dog is well groomed brushed then i think all animals will love you :I

  8. Talia Ozluk
    | Reply

    1. cage to small
    2. look at the dog!
    3. that wheel is bad for hamster
    4. Will it work?
    5. Have you got a real cage?

  9. Lemon Lime
    | Reply

    So… suggesting by the title, you’re FORCING it to like you? :I Not the way I would do it but, ok?

  10. jared plant
    | Reply

    It did not work for me

  11. Jordan Melo
    | Reply

    Really what u got to do is play with it for 15 min a day change his water when it gets hot keep it room temp and love it and it will love you hate it it will hate you I easily tame my hamster in less then 10min i know crazy she’s the best she knows important tricks like stay near me stay and when I say go to my shoulder she goes in only one month toatal

  12. ava hoffman
    | Reply

    thank you for telling me but that has never happened with my hamster so

  13. ava hoffman
    | Reply

    thank you 🙂

  14. ava hoffman
    | Reply

    your shouldent

  15. ava hoffman
    | Reply

    hi I am that girl I just changed my account but, I do have a reel cage but they all run out or die in there after being in the cage for two weeks. so I saw a video on how to make a cage and I tried it and it worked so yes. Call me stupped but I thing that is whats best.

  16. Gilbert Murrieta
    | Reply

    Lol 0:46 look at the dog lol

  17. Nate Eichner
    | Reply

    #mute button

  18. Yann-Arthus Maunoir
    | Reply

    cool vidio but the title should be how to equip your cage

  19. Yann-Arthus Maunoir
    | Reply

    i agree

  20. Yann-Arthus Maunoir
    | Reply


  21. Heather Cuella
    | Reply


  22. coolsandra321
    | Reply

    Don’t you have a cage that’s realy a cage

  23. pegsy75
    | Reply

    mesh wheels are bad for hamsters they can cause bumble foot

  24. Avicutie hamsterlover
    | Reply

    I can’t hear u

  25. Jordan Melo
    | Reply

    Hamsters eat cardboard be carefull

  26. RandomFishPet
    | Reply

    too small!

  27. TheNosynewt
    | Reply

    It seems big enough to me. Better than the crappy Critter Trail ones.

  28. nopego halsing
    | Reply

    your hamster cage is too small

  29. ur mom
    | Reply

    lol the woman in the back photobombed it

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