How To Make Sure Your Bird Is Happy

Third Re-upload due to copy right issues haha but yeah just a quick video on how to make sure your bird is happy 🙂

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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14 Responses

  1. Andrew Merritt
    | Reply

    mack him see the cat and then kill the cat

  2. Shilo Almighty
    | Reply

    Guys , my bird (parrot) hase been scared one f*****g cat , now he is so
    scared i can’t touch him , how to make him happy ?

  3. coco beans
    | Reply

    How to make your bird love you….. Help me

  4. Gizmo
    | Reply

    whats about spending attention =D

  5. MrMarcellomatrix
    | Reply

    i have a budgie almost like yours check my vid if you wanna see him My cage
    is for one budgie and i’m not sure if he needs a bigger cage btw he is only
    he is almost 11 months now and he used to feel better with me and now we
    are losing our bond what should I do to increase it?????

  6. BirdsAndBeyond
    | Reply

    thankyou! i have a new editing program 🙂 and yes it is big enough for two,
    but only two 🙂

  7. Magdalena Zaharinova
    | Reply

    hey i have a burd from 2 weeks but she’s 2 months old so my question is how
    to meke her to be confortable with me.. i mean she sometimes eat from my
    hand but she is still scared

  8. BirdsAndBeyond
    | Reply

    birds dont stink 🙂 i dont even think they even have a scent haha, send me
    a personal message on here and ill explain what to do 🙂

  9. Sugar Bird
    | Reply

    Love the intro !!!!! Nice Vid =)

  10. thekangereviews
    | Reply

    hi i just got a 4 month old budgie and his great but when i try to get him
    out on my finger he attacks it 8/10 times but whens his out he wont attack
    my hand at all unless theirs someone he doesnt know is there plz help out

  11. St3duN
    | Reply

    At what time are they going to sleep and when do they get up? And how much
    they need to sleep per day? 😀

  12. roobydooby08
    | Reply

    Is it too late to tame a love bird 7years old, I’ve been given a love bird
    , but he’s not been tamed, I would like to tame him, but is he to old thanks

  13. popcornpiggie
    | Reply

    I like the new intro!!! And the size cage you have, is it a decent size for
    two? I know they tend to do better with a companion. 🙂

  14. popcornpiggie
    | Reply

    So I did the dishes and cleaned my room… and now my mom’s excuse is that
    I’m going off to college in 2 and a half years. She said “Then what are you
    going to do with it?” 🙁 I don’t know how to fight back to that. UGH! And
    she said that birds stink. Do they really?

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