How to Make Parrot Give Kisses | Teach Parrots to give Kisses #pet #parrot

How to teach your Parrot to Give Kisses | Teach Parrots to give Kisses. Before you can teach your parrot to give kisses, you should watch the previous video on how to have your bird “STEP UP” if you have not yet.

To have your bird give kisses, you need to have them stepping on to your hand and facing you directly. Then you say the commend ”kisses” with leaning in and touching their beak with your lips.

As mentioned before, parrots learn through repetition, so say the commend “kisses” following through with the action of leaning in and touching their beak, till they do it on their own. Then you reward them with words such as “Good boy” give them affection or a treat.

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