How to Make a Snack for Your Pet Rat!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. guineapigluver10 says:

    No, they cannot. :)

  2. could guinea pigs eat this

  3. guineapigluver10 says:


  4. guineapigluver10 says:

    Thanks! Sure.(:

  5. guineapigging says:

    ya contest!

  6. guineapigluver10 says:

    Haha xD
    I’ll let you borrow Oliver ..jk! xP Nobody’s gonna take Oliver! Hehe!
    Awwee thanks! Your videos are amazing too! Oh wait.. everyone already knows that! 😀
    Thanks! Byeee!(:

  7. guineapigluver10 says:


  8. guineapigluver10 says:

    😀 Yep! The video should be up tomorrow (Friday) if not, this weekend.

  9. MarieabelLuf says:

    nice! Subbed! Back?

  10. smallpawsinthegarden says:

    Why havent I seen this yet?!?!?!?
    Stupid Youtube!
    I wish I had a rat so I could make this… 🙁
    Your videos are seriously amazing!!
    Great video!:) Bye

  11. smallpawsinthegarden says:

    haha! Thanks!:) I love you too!:D

  12. webkinz webkinz says:

    Ok 🙂

  13. guineapigging says:

    Yeah 1000 subs! Doing a contest?:)

  14. guineapigluver10 says:

    She’s still here, she just wants to start fresh and she didn’t delete her videos, they’re just unlisted.(:

  15. webkinz webkinz says:

    smallpawsinthegarden I love you

  16. webkinz webkinz says:

    WHAT HAPPENED TO smallpawsinthegarden

  17. guineapigluver10 says:

    Sorry about your camera! D: I know. :/ I have a plan. :3 I’m not going to share it with anyone yet, just incase..

  18. OMG the channel is closed too!What will we do?

  19. NOOOOO!This week is terrible my camera broke!

  20. guineapigluver10 says:

    Yeah.. I’m not very excited now though. :/ The collab was hacked…..

  21. Now you need 8! YAY 🙂

  22. 😀
    I didn’t watch the video till the end that is why I asked that stupid question.. 😀
    I know because of the banana they should be fed to Syrians and Robos.

  23. guineapigluver10 says:

    Yeah! I only need 10 more! I’m so excited! =D

  24. guineapigging says:

    Almost 1000 subs!

  25. guineapigluver10 says:

    Thanks! Ok.

  26. EverythingCat says:

    I subed and dont forget to check out my kitten video 🙂

  27. guineapigluver10 says:

    You can add peanut butter, but only a small amount because it is very fattening. Make sure you watch them very closely as they eat it though because they can easily choke on peanut butter and make sure it’s not like the chunky kind. You probably can bake it, but I’m not sure how long and what temp.

  28. guineapigluver10 says:


  29. EverythingCat says:

    LOVEEE!!! IT!!! 😛 🙂 🙂 :O

  30. TheSmallPetHelper714 says:

    Could you add peanut butter to it and bake it? If you can bake how long and what temp. .

  31. ~423!~ ♡ Hamsterloverforever1 ♡ says:

    haha yeah my hamsters are syrians but wouldnt it expand in there stomache? mice can have banana and i think oats ill cheque thanks 🙂

  32. LuLusVideos220 says:

    Oh okay! I kinda thought so xD

  33. guineapigluver10 says:

    Thanks! He sure does!! 😀

  34. ChocolateColors26 says:

    Great video! I’m sure Oliver loves it!

  35. guineapigluver10 says:

    Yes, but maybe a little more oatmeal.

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