How to Make a Smooth Move with your Pet – Moving with Cats

How to Make a Smooth Move with your Pet – Moving with Cats

By Alex Kazaryan

You know how stressful a move can be, and now imagine how your cat can feel on seeing you packing boxes and movers wrapping the furniture and taking it away. Cats are territorial animals and feel the change of environment much stronger than dogs. So for the happiness and safety of your pet, be sure to spare some of your time for him during the move. One of the best ways to reduce you cat’s stress on a moving day is regular communication with him throughout the whole process of the move. Here are some practical tips to lessen the shock of the move for your cat and for you.

The simplest solution to make the move smoother and ensuring that the cat won’t escape amid the confusion of the move is to board the cat in a cattery close to your new home, provided you are moving locally. If you don’t have such an option than here are the steps to make your move as painless for the pet as possible.

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