How to Lunge a Horse to Prepare for Riding

This is a video designed to help teach you how to lunge/longe/loenge your horse to prepare him to be ridden. The contemporary modes of lunging are generally …

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36 Responses

  1. Logan Darrow
    | Reply

    This is not lunging – this is “leading the horse in a circle while bopping
    him on the back of the neck.”

  2. willyf11
    | Reply

    The horse is about to have a person sitting on its backk :L Im sure it
    doesnt mine some stirrups tapping on his sides!

  3. TalaWolf95
    | Reply

    Minor mistakes in horsemanship are made everyday, what she’s doing is
    nothing, yes the reins should be secure, but other than that. The sturrips
    are hardly more than a lil annoying to the horse. The carrot stick she uses
    a lil more than necessary is probably more troubling to the horse. But I’m
    not in her place so who knows what’s necessary. She’s not abusing the horse
    so lay off… I perfer the natrual horsemanship way, but this seems to work
    just fine for a warmup

  4. Louise Napthine
    | Reply

    She probably has the stirrups down to get the horse used to them moving
    about. In theory your are supposed to run them up before lunging, but this
    means that many horses freak out if you lose a stirrup and the iron starts
    to bang against their sides.

  5. ThunderEquus
    | Reply

    I’m wondering why did she reward him with a treat when he swung his hips
    away? Wouldn’t that be condoning the action?

  6. CIEStudies
    | Reply

    In response to concerns about the use of stirrups in this situation: Lauren
    was not trying to longe Montana. She was using longing to prepare him for
    being ridden. This is the reason the stirrups were left down. Montana has
    the opportunity to lean how it feels to have things touching his side in a
    safe situation. It is likely that he will one day have a branch, a foot, or
    something else touch his side with much more force than the stirrups did in
    this video. We want him to be prepared for that

  7. lindaposthumus08
    | Reply

    And pompeed, you are just rude. Plain and simple.

  8. animalsrawesome2
    | Reply

    Aww, good first video of you and your horse

  9. lindaposthumus08
    | Reply

    Geeze u guys have to tone down the critique! They did a great job. It might
    be a different form of lunging than I am used to in tx. But they knew what
    they were talking about. And know what they are doing. So stop nitpicking.

  10. AnimalLover2456
    | Reply

    this is great!!!! yeah i love your horse!!!1 but whats wrong with her or
    his sides??? or is that markings

  11. Tessamya
    | Reply

    arn’t you supposed to bring up the stirrups before lunging her so that they
    dont bang against her sides?

  12. graceland4life123
    | Reply

    i agree!

  13. jakecakeish
    | Reply

    try loosening the bit what i mean by that is adjusting the headstall to
    wear the bit is just sitting in the horses mouth and no wrinkles

  14. rockerchick9876
    | Reply

    @willyf11 she just should’ve considered putting the stirrups up to keep
    from irritating and distracting the horse while trying to train it.

  15. 03firefly
    | Reply

    @ThunderEquus He did stop, and that’s what she wanted. By rewarding it, he
    knows that ‘yes, I do need to stop when she does that.’ The next time they
    stop and he’s no rewarded, he may realize he needs to stop differently.

  16. TroughADream
    | Reply

    looks kinda like bitemarks, but adorable horse !

  17. summa marchant
    | Reply

    yer hes got white pit behide the sadle

  18. skaterchik4life13
    | Reply

    lol you sound like a news person XD hah montana is a pretty horse. i have a
    14hh pony and she does good in the ring but when you take her into the
    feild or anything she spooks a whole lot. i cant even ride her there now.
    since you sound like u know bout horses can u help me a bit? like can u
    tell me some methods to do

  19. punkle2you
    | Reply

    NEVER lunge with the stirrups unsecured, especially english stirrups which
    are heavy enough to crack your horse’s ribs when they bounce at the trot.

  20. kefrhy
    | Reply

    that is not even correct!

  21. barebackrider42
    | Reply

    To short of a lonuge line

  22. hanna leaa
    | Reply

    Lovely red roan. i Suggest some grooming tho! (: however, well done

  23. ShadoWolf43
    | Reply

    He looks just like my pony

  24. XxOperaGhostxX
    | Reply

    @summamarchant What’s wrong with your keyboard that you cannot type

  25. crimsonglamormoon
    | Reply

    Question, why are you walking with the horse? The method I use calls what
    the girl is doing circle driving. Plus when the horse whips its butt away
    it’s a sign of respect that the horse is focused and watching you which is
    always what you want when getting a horse to stop while being lunged.

  26. Hannah Fallon
    | Reply

    this is scary….thats the exact situation i have! my horse looks exactly
    like that, he’s eight years old and has only done the basic walk and trot!!
    so i can totally relate to this.I reallllllly want to teach him how to
    canter!! i try on the line but he doesnt know how!! so its hard. but this
    really helps!! thanks!

  27. Frau Pompeed
    | Reply

    Oh, dear. How not to longe a horse. Any horse.

  28. TeamMcKinley123
    | Reply

    Why is your horse so green if it was broken at 3 and is now 8?? Clearly
    isnt ridden much then…

  29. Sophia Hardorp
    | Reply

    you should fasten the reins before lunging.

  30. Nat Tate
    | Reply

    Its really bothering me that the stirrups are down and the reins are just
    hanging there

  31. Elisha's Positive Training
    | Reply

    @Pompeed What do you see that is problematic?

  32. CIEStudies
    | Reply

    It would indeed be more safe to have the reins put up. It was not necessary
    in this situation with this horse, but it is a good practice. About the
    stick: Lauren did keep the stick up when she did not need to. It takes time
    to learn the coordination of all the skills. We are not attempting to show
    the perfect way to do anything. Instead, it is mean as an insight into the
    learning process.

  33. xxCollectedCanterxx
    | Reply

    @CIEStudies This does help a bit. I have always lunged before but now I
    know why it is a good idea to keep the stirrups down! Thanks for the help 🙂

  34. CIEStudies
    | Reply

    He is a red roan. There is nothing wrong with his skin.

  35. Miarije
    | Reply

    the horse isn’t uncomfortable, he is just looking for direction and showing
    respect when he turned to face you when he stopped.

  36. Samantha Tyler
    | Reply

    it would of been alot safer if u twisted the reins as wen the horse is
    movin the reins cud slip over his head and cause an serious accident….
    maybe u should just twist the reins but gd work though x

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