How to Litter Train your Rats | Rat Care

So Disclaimer: When I say “Rat” I mean each individual rat because some rats can understand how to use a litter tray right away. People usually only have a problem with litter training one rat… BUT anyways rats should ALWAYS be kept in pairs or more, (there are certain circumstances). I had to explain this before anyone gets mad… Also I will be doing another more in-depth video in the future about different types of litter and substrate that are safe not safe for your rats 🙂
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21 Responses

  1. cecilia LaGrutta
    | Reply

    You show what litter to put in what do you do if they keep removing the lid?

  2. cecilia LaGrutta
    | Reply

    Did you noticed that some rats spray on the sides? And if not wide enough like for boys they miss the box

  3. cecilia LaGrutta
    | Reply

    Kallee I have 5litterboxs in my cage that has plastic shelves,and I have8 girls that 6months they pee on shelves and take my rocks from litterpan put in on shelves

  4. Mighty Louis
    | Reply

    I trained my girls with out watching any vids its easy

  5. Christina Taylor
    | Reply

    I'm interested using marbles. But how exactly do you clean that? Do you hand pick out the poop and wash the marbles with soapy water?

  6. JRollend44
    | Reply

    I didn't think of marbles! Good idea

  7. MJ FAN
    | Reply

    Thanks so much, very informative video, almost ready to collect my baby rats and cannot wait!

  8. Paphillionne
    | Reply

    Fleas do not die in the freezer…
    When I had fleas in my house, I tried and I put some bags of clothes in the freezer.
    Two weeks later the fleas were still alive !!

  9. BMeowzerz_
    | Reply

    My rats poop the most on the level where their food is, and my fastest rat likes to sleep in their litter box. any advice?

  10. cecilia LaGrutta
    | Reply

    I have tried the paper under the grid.and small Stone on top but now noone uses the litterpan.but I clean off the Rock and put it under hot! Water too.

  11. Smolldust ——
    | Reply

    What about Paper pallets ?

    | Reply

    aaa i see you got to dollarama ;o; its the best dollar store in my opinion lol

  13. Tristin Mauldin
    | Reply

    Great bits of info I never thought of. Thank you !

  14. Kelsey Wright
    | Reply

    I have a question! The purple little box you said was a good starter. Was that a regular sized on or a jumbo one? You mentioned it was intended for rabbits

  15. Annka Stcfu
    | Reply

    Any suggestions on what I can do if my rat likes to sleep and cuddle up in the litter box? :/
    I've got so many hides and cuddling places in my cage but every morning I'll wake up to my rat being in the litter box while my other one is enjoying one of the many houses..

  16. Katie Beker
    | Reply

    could u just use a low lining contaner

  17. Nickk6868
    | Reply

    This was adorable! Thank you for all of the info 🙂

  18. Jenna's Pets
    | Reply

    This is a very helpful video! 🙂

  19. Taeler Howlett
    | Reply

    not trying to be rude but have you ever thought of doing a c&c cage for your rats.

  20. Jeanna Levesque
    | Reply

    My rats got a really horrible case of rats from carefresh naturals.. it kind of scared me away from ever using it.

  21. PetStylish
    | Reply

    Love this video, I was going to make a video about this a while ago but I just aint been able to find the time to edit and upload it but I'm so glad you made this video. I am going to attempt litter training my 6 girls here soon.

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