HOW TO litter train your rabbit in one week | Bunny Potty Training

In this video I am going to show you how to teach a rabbit to use a litter box. This is a great thing to teach when you have a house bunny that gets lots of time outside of their cage to run and play.

Use 1″ of litter covered with Timothy hay. Add in some of the rabbit’s poops and urine-soaked paper or hay. Place the litter box whereever the bunny seems to prefer to use, which is often a corner. When you first let her into the training area, stay in the room.

Toilet training your bunny is very easy!

This is the litterbox that I used:
“Jumbo Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Pan”
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22 Responses

  1. Creative Pet Keeping
    | Reply

    If you guys have any questions for Fridays "Fishy Friday" video leave them in the comments! I need help thinking of a hashtag to use..It can't be #AskCPK because that already belongs to California Pizza Kitchen haha

  2. Dick Mclickthestick
    | Reply

    You have to have a bigger litter box like a cat litter box

  3. Its Taylor
    | Reply

    The potty box has metal on it which is VERY BAD for your bunny!

  4. Destiny Moore
    | Reply

    Nice vid. Really helps to know how to litter train my mischievous little bunnies.
    p.s. your bunny is so cute!!!!

  5. Destiny Moore
    | Reply

    Nice vid. Really helps to know how to litter train my mischievous little bunnies.
    p.s. your bunny is so cute!!!!

  6. Supercuteanimegirl katie
    | Reply

    I have two bunnies one is the oldest and the other one we just got her and they are females too the older is already potty train but not the little one she is still learning

  7. David Stojadinovic
    | Reply

    There are several factors in ways to potty train. One plan I found which succeeds in merging these is the Perfect Potty Path (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the most incredible resource that I've seen.Check out all the incredible info .

  8. Hellofatracuer
    | Reply

    You should put a little carpet on the door of the cage or something for her, so she doesn’t hurt herself 🐰🐰 on the wires when jumping in.

  9. JoeBii
    | Reply

    I’m amazed those dogs and the bunny can live in the same house. Just saying.

  10. MiniLopBunnie
    | Reply

    Why doesn’t she use bedding I know her bunny runs around the room but I think she should use it ❤️

  11. devin jameson
    | Reply

    hello I really like your video mostly because I have a brand new baby bunny and need to train it and I like your videos  because you are really nice to your bunny thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jadie Edits
    | Reply

    I have that same cage but purple! Can someone tell me where to get the top wire thing to hold the hay? Thanks!

    | Reply

    This may be a good way in the west, but for countries like India this may not work, it's very difficult to find these stuffs near me….. O need to find some innovative way to do this …… if you have any idea except using the stuffs available in market please reply

  14. Natural 1
    | Reply

    My bunny uses her litter box. Same one you have but she also still poop/pee on one side of the cage. I keep scooping it up and putting it in the litter box. Is there another way to stop her from going on the side of the cage and only in litter box?

  15. Vicky B
    | Reply

    My rabbit has relapsed and is now going again frequently on the floor.  It's driving me crazy and I'm not very happy.  I've found potty spots and poop as well.  Not just a few poops either, a bunch and it's gross, it's on the carpet. 🙁  Do you have any suggestions on what to do?  We've tried switching litter.  Her litter box is about 9×13 so plenty of space and her enclosure is large.  It's strange, she doesn't usually poop when she's having free roam, only when she's in her enclosure but she won't voluntarily go back into her enclosure to go to the bathroom, once we put her in there she'll go again.  She can't have free roam on a permanent basis because of the cat and other safety issues (her enclosure is about 5×7).

  16. Guyuhih
    | Reply

    Hey. Could you explain why do I put some of this "grass" into the toilet? Also, what shoudl I put over the toilet? This metal ball with the food and water?

  17. John Brazelton
    | Reply

    Great job Banana!

  18. Isobel Riley
    | Reply

    Your rabbit needs more space or a part of your garden. I personally keep my rabbits in a shed and they have:

    a 2 floored hutch,
    litter tray,
    hanging hay bale
    and benches.

    I keep them in there for winter and most days. However, When it gets hot (around late spring, summer and early autumn), i put them in my outdoor run that has a built-in hutch and 3 meters by 2 meters run which is basically a large part of grass with a mesh fence and roof.

    Your rabbit has a tiny carpeted piece of your house and a tiny cage. It also has a very dangerous drop down some stair and ,if it falls from the edge, it will probably badly injure itself or break a bone.

    Please get a safer bigger area that is better for your rabbit, THANK YOU!

  19. timia miller
    | Reply

    what kind of bunny do you have?

  20. Random Videos696
    | Reply

    Btw banana is so cute so is Moche

  21. Random Videos696
    | Reply

    I m getting a rabbit I will try this and I m getting ready and I got the same litter box but it’s white:3

  22. 99admorgan
    | Reply

    For easy cleaning I cut super absorbent puppy training pads to the shape of the litter box and just change the pad daily. I avoid the bad smell and I am also able to avoid having to pull the litter box out to completely clean it and wash it because the puppy pads don't allow the pee to soak through to the bottom of the pan. I have never had an easier time cleaning up his litter box and it's much cheaper than buying litter because I buy the large size pads and I am able to cut out 5 pads for his box from each puppy pad. Hope you guys find this helpful.

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