How To Litter Train Your Rabbit

Sorry about the cutting off in the middle, my iphone kept running out of space 🙁 Also a safe cleaner for your rabbit’s litter box is using 50% water 50% vin…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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9 Responses

  1. Kat Burns
    | Reply

    what’s the name of the pellets? I can’t quite get the brand from this vid.

  2. canadianmarina
    | Reply

    Did you also ask? Sometimes they are just out of stock! Soon when the
    spring season hits they might not carry as many in! Usually it’s a huge
    pallet of the bags near the tools etc.

  3. canadianmarina
    | Reply

    Thank-you so much for watching! I am so glad <3

  4. canadianmarina
    | Reply

    thanks for watching, I am glad you enjoyed the tips 🙂

  5. Avery Mellark
    | Reply

    this really helped thanks 🙂

  6. reagan butner
    | Reply

    i didt see the pellets at walmart????????

  7. Gia Bullock
    | Reply

    Hi! Thanks so much for the tips. It was easy potty training my rabbit 🙂

  8. canadianmarina
    | Reply

    I went to Walmart awhile ago and they were sold out, It’s usually near the
    tools etc. If you ask they might have some in stock usually huge 40 pound
    bags like i had! I would try any other home depot store too 🙂 Might even
    have smaller bags.

  9. canadianmarina
    | Reply

    You could also try if you have a local hardware type of store 🙂

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