How to litter train your hamster★★★★★

So here’s a simple step how you could get your hamster to use the potty litter.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

14 Responses

  1. Christina Manning
    | Reply

    Good idea about putting the food in the corners ;)

  2. michachena
    | Reply

    Not so “obvs”. My two hamsters pee in their food -_-

  3. coolhamster428
    | Reply

    When you put the food in the corners what if my hamster just picks it up
    and puts it in its bed?

  4. laalaa2989
    | Reply

    Really good tips. I love the Hamster potty litter it really works. 😀

  5. myhamie1
    | Reply

    @ThePetHelpChannel 🙂

  6. ThePetHelpChannel
    | Reply

    This is really helpful! thanks!:D x

  7. Juliet Li
    | Reply


  8. missYummyGumGum
    | Reply

    I Like!! What is the name of this song?

  9. zori walker
    | Reply

    this vid is cewl

  10. alice giang
    | Reply

    thank you soooo much!!

  11. kate hammieluva
    | Reply

    the song is called pumped up kicks

  12. GracePanda1
    | Reply

    Pumped Up Kicks! xx

  13. chrissy nitek
    | Reply

    thank u

  14. ThePetGuy47
    | Reply


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