A long requested video – today I’m talking to you about how to litter train your rats. If you have any other tips on litter training rats that might be helpful to others, please leave them in the comments!

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14 Responses

  1. kalissa
    | Reply

    Thank youuu! Hopefully I will be getting 2 rats soon. It’s so sad how much hate rats get just because of the way they’re portrayed in the media when they’re actually so cute! 💙

  2. /s/
    | Reply

    Does this also work with mice?

  3. harlyn blanchflower
    | Reply

    Hi imee, I have tried using a pee rock in my ratties litter boxes, (they have 2) but it’s not exactly working out like I hoped. I cleaned their cage and left the litter boxes somewhat dirty and put a polished rock in each. They investigated the new development and then Nettles picked up the rock in his hands and threw it to the other end of the cage! Needless to say I was very surprised! That was 2 weeks ago now and they are still peeing everywhere. I put the rocks back in and he waits till I’m closing the doors and then throws the rock around! He has plenty of toys so he’s not bored. Any ideas on what I can do or why he’s doing this? His brother isn’t interested in the rock at all and both of them are peeing everywhere. Thankyou!

    | Reply

    Im thinking about getting 2 rats any tips

  5. DIY’s&Animals
    | Reply

    Dose this work with mice because I don’t have rats 🙁 but I have mice 😁

  6. Aaron Perez
    | Reply

    Thank you!!! I’m getting a rat today

  7. Kylie Marsh
    | Reply

    I actually AVOID corners for litter because my rats let love to stash food in corners, soooo guess where they were stashing the food? In the litter tray, same place they pooed!!! Ewww so it was more in the middle of the cage for my rats with there tray.

  8. ceara jennie
    | Reply

    I have 2 8 week old babies. I have been tossing poos into the poo box but they arnt catching on. Is it a age issue? Also; how can I stop them from urinating in the food?

  9. uitjebolsmurf
    | Reply

    Sadly my Snoopy died less than a week after I posted my reply to this post.

    On Friday night (I was still restless from the loss of Snoopy and just had to do something to calm my head) it was time for the weekly bedding change of the small cage, but now that the big cage had come available I decided to prepare the big cage for Hector and Firi instead and moved them over after I was done.
    I used my drawer divider litter pans again and also used your idea of 'scentmark rocks' and that worked very well. They use the litter pans for pooing most of the times.
    I also use paper kitchen towel stacks in multiple locations throughout their cage and they often use them for peeing on. Of course they still pee on the doorstep right outside their houses, but putting paper towels there wouldn't help because they would use them as nest bedding.

    I've also read your entire bogglebuddies tonight (you have to find things to do when you have to clear your mind from grieving).
    I feel like I know you even better now. I recognise some of your social issues myself, having ADHD and very few friends with almost no time themselves to visit me. I also noticed that you removed most if not all product reviews. I understand the need to give only (scientifically) verified advice, and won't do any advice or product review posts myself because of that. Except when I would have severe complaints about one of my vets, but I usually leave those to comments below posts.
    I would say you're entitled to do product reviews, as long as people don't see them as God's great advice book. Opinions vary, and what you think is fine may not be for other people. But then they would have to make a case for why they have a different opinion than you. I am usually open to constructive debating and I can change sides when I get new information. But you have to have strong points to find better information than I do. And I can't stand pseudo-science or 'but I had more rats than you' argumentations or 'but my rat loves to be washed' cr@p (but that's a whole other story). I had to learn many things by making ignorant mistakes because there wasn't as much information online about rats 16 years ago when I had my first two rats. I now had over 25 rats and still learn new things from every one of them. Sadly also things that I wouldn't like to know, like new ailments or genetic defects.

    Keep doing what you're doing (and maybe take a look at or subscribe to my channel?), Bart, Hector 🐀 and Firi 🐀

  10. Kara Burry
    | Reply

    I’m thinking about getting rats so your videos really help me! Thanks so much! Xxx

  11. Sofia Vazquez
    | Reply

    woo you think the rock method work on neutered rats?

  12. Molly Davis
    | Reply

    So with the peeing would it be an option to put the rock somewhere in the cage that’s visible and when you know their peeing on it you can put it in their litter tray

  13. Poppy And Pets
    | Reply


  14. Cody Downing
    | Reply

    Thank you so much!! I have been having trouble litter training my rats and this helped alot

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