How To Litter Train Rats

Believe it or not, rats are very intelligent creatures an can be easily litter trained.

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16 Responses

  1. Dilara ÇELİK
    | Reply

    Millet evinde fare besliyo !

  2. cecilia LaGrutta
    | Reply

    Hi liked your vedio I am trying the litter box you showed because my other one has larger holes that they take out the paper I used.and this one the litter is by kaytee,I hope that it won't hurt them

  3. Rachcha Yougrath
    | Reply

    My little boys just don’t use the litter box. I don’t understand why cause I have looked around a lot and done everything that people say I should do. They poop everywhere and not just in one spot. I try to be really consistent but I’m at school all day so I’m not sure what to do. Do you have any other tips for me?

  4. Bluestar Gaming
    | Reply

    This was very helpful! Thanks!

  5. Emily Cogdill
    | Reply

    This is just like litter training a rabbit… which luckly i am experienced in.

  6. cclevel45
    | Reply

    Thanks super helpful

  7. Nozzle Tozzle
    | Reply

    You have such a lovely, clear voice!

  8. Rat Mia
    | Reply

    My rats keep peeing in their food bowl!

  9. Brooklynn Ouellette
    | Reply

    When rats pee, do they pee out, or down?

  10. cecilia LaGrutta
    | Reply

    Thank you .

  11. invalid account
    | Reply

    Even freeze their fleece

  12. Merel Hoogeveen
    | Reply

    Hey! What is the brand of the toilet? I want a toilet with a rack for my rats, but I dont know where to buy one…

  13. curiousSOUL22
    | Reply

    This is driving me crazy… I live in Austraia and I can't find anywhere to find a rat litter tray with a RACK in it… I really want one.
    WHere did you get yours from?

  14. CheshirePlayZ
    | Reply

    !!!!!! One of ur rats looks like my baby

  15. Zena and Zero
    | Reply

    does it matter that hes already almost a medium rat size nd never been trained? can he still learn that?

  16. Brenda Melgoza
    | Reply

    How often do you clean the litter box?

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