How To Litter Train a Pet Rabbit

This video will show you how we litter box trained our pet rabbit. They are pretty smart animals and it was not that hard to do.

In the video we explain a couple of things that we had tried while letting out pet rabbit adjust to his new home. At first the cage smelled, but the pellets that we use from the pet store worked well and really cut down on the smell.

We can now got a few days between litter box changes without much of a smell. Hope you enjoy the video.

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4 Responses

  1. Superbike Mike
    | Reply

    cool pet… good info!

  2. Ger R
    | Reply

    I hope you are letting him out of the cage to get exercise.

  3. Brandon Greenleaf
    | Reply

    What are your thoughts on the purpose of a rabbit indoors. I've never seen an animal that shits coco puffs so often and at all times. Mine made a mess for months until I gave him away.

  4. HomeownerRepair
    | Reply

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