How To Litter Box Train Your Bunny Rabbit!

Litter box training a rabbit should be fairly easy if you follow these steps: -Find a good sized litter box (I prefer cat litter pans) -You want something wi…

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30 Responses

  1. BudgetBunny
    | Reply

    Awesome video! Very informative and excellent tips! :D

  2. Yokichu
    | Reply

    So if they have little accidents, should you not do anything? Like raising
    your voice and saying no, or a way to make them know its bad. Just let them
    be? Sorry I’ve no knowledge about bunnies.

  3. AHeadC
    | Reply

    Great advice, thanks!

  4. Candy Pop
    | Reply
  5. GamingWith Dayton
    | Reply

    We just had to seperat my 2 4 month old skinny pigs because they were
    chattering at floor time,then we tried to put them in there cage and they
    still chatterd. Will it stop soon PLZ help im really sad so PLZ help

  6. jacob hughes
    | Reply

    Thank you I’m soon getting a netherland dwaft and a mini lop

  7. Samantha Mccullough
    | Reply

    We’re did you get that cage and how much is it because my cage is small 

  8. Norther Queen
    | Reply

    I have the same bunny!!! The thing is that, do you know the name they call
    that rabbit though?

  9. Lina79
    | Reply

    Thank u! I will def keep working with him! I want to find a hay rack or
    something to put hay in n hang it up. Also, I wanted to ask u.. Are there
    any store bought treats that are safe for rabbits? I know a lot are sugary
    and I’m not sure if it is rabbits or guinea pigs that cnt have dairy n tg
    yogurt treats r dairy. Are kaytee fiesta healthy toppings papaya treats
    safe? Any others? 

  10. Guinealuver
    | Reply

    Can Guinea pigs eat natural grass outside if they don’t have pesticides and
    I wash it?

  11. Caryen Cheong
    | Reply

    I have a bunny. I kind of just set the newspapers on it ‘s cage and then he
    will peep and poop on the newspapers. Don’t it good for he ? 

  12. Lydia Burton
    | Reply

    Thanks so much for this video! I have been trying to litter box train my
    rabbit and now i know what i was doing wrong. Thank you so much your videos
    are amazing! ❤️

  13. Jessica Hatter
    | Reply

    Hello,my guinea pig bubbles just had babies and their only two days old
    bubbles cage needs cleand out but I can’t touch the babies yet how can I
    clean out her cage w/o touching the babies and harming her and her babies

  14. Twinkleand Gizmo
    | Reply

    Where did you get that hay rack?

  15. TheAiden317
    | Reply

    does it work for guinea pigs

  16. GamingWith Dayton
    | Reply

    It is a 2 bye 4. we have 2 water bottles 2 pellet bowls and there hay rake
    is big and not to sure if we need 2 igloos. Ps thanks for helping us :)

  17. Candy Pop
    | Reply

    Hi, its the girl whos guinea pig gave birth to 2 males and 1 female ive
    left commets on your videos before. My baby female guinea pig is nibbling
    and sometimes biting, is this normal since shes a baby or should I do
    something to prevent it?

  18. Lina79
    | Reply

    Thank u so much for this vid! Very helpful. I just got a 5-6mnth old mini
    rex and he was potty trained b4 I got him and had a lot of free range with
    his previous owner. I’m trying to do the same so he’s not so confused. I
    worry about him being scared n confused already and he’s doing good in his
    litter tray with me but has still pooed n peed some in his cage n a lil
    while out of it. Maybe it’s just the change. 

  19. Guinealuver
    | Reply

    Okay, thanks… Can you make more guinea pig videos? Like there floor time
    or just another cage tour?? If you can then thanks!

  20. Lina79
    | Reply

    Is this what u give urs?
    should they need it if they are peeing fine and drinking water? 

  21. penelope guinea pig hamster lover
    | Reply


  22. tineqwa ratib
    | Reply

    Getting them fixed does not stop them from spraying. They can be easily
    trained not to spray most of the time. Besides that, good video and gave it
    a thumbs up. They should get fixed so they don’t reproduce. There are lots
    of rabbits available for adoption in shelters and sanctuaries.

  23. Erin Bouchart
    | Reply

    Very informational video! Does this work with guinea pigs? I have four pigs
    all in a big enough cage, but only one litter pan. Is it alright to just
    keep one pan, or should I get another? 😉 thanks

  24. GamingWith Dayton
    | Reply

    Wow thanks 

  25. Guinealuver
    | Reply

    Oh okay! Thanks!

  26. Lina79
    | Reply

    What flavor do urs like

  27. Kimberly Letash
    | Reply

    how much should you feed them , I don’t wanna overfeed my bunny , but I
    feel like he shits waaaay too much . Idk If its just me tho

  28. Snowflake Hammie
    | Reply

    You’re supposed to put newspaper underneath the litter.

  29. Abigail Pomeroy
    | Reply

    My piggies, you buy it, stuff it with wood chips, or care fresh. Then I
    picked some poop up and put it in there. Same thing with introducing new
    cages.And just so everyone knows… I know this is a bunny vide!

  30. skinnypigs1
    | Reply

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