how to litter box train a rat

This video shows you how I litter trained my rats. Hope you enjoy!!! Don’t forget to subscribe!!!

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5 Responses

  1. OnlyGirlsLikeMe
    | Reply

    where do rats pee? I heard it’s completly opposite with hamsters! my
    hamster would pee in a corner but poo everywhere which wasn’t so bad as
    with rats.

  2. Cameron Gross
    | Reply

    I just got a five month old female. I really enjoy letting her out of her
    cage for a few hours every day but when ever I do I have to put a towel
    down because she pees and poops everywhere. Will having the litterbox in
    her cage reduce the risk of her messing outside? If I take the litterbox
    out and have it nearby when she is out and about will she seek that instead
    of just going anywhere? I really want to bring her around the rest of the
    house because as you now rats live to be 5 or so, so I want her to be able
    to explore a little more rather then being confind to one room of the house

  3. Rattiesforlife
    | Reply

    hi watched some of your videos they are awesome! and I just got a litter
    box its been working great! also why do you put a towel around the cage?

  4. Heismyrock3
    | Reply

    Which cage do you have? This looks like the rat manor, which I have.

  5. kristina rose
    | Reply

    Is this the jumbo liter box or the regular one? I’m trying to find a
    perfect size!

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