how to keep a rat on your sholder

a video request i did for ladyshifty90 enjoy also you get to meet my new rats mocha and allegra.

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28 Responses

  1. garydeanbaker
    | Reply

    awesome´╗┐ song choice

  2. kalkschaap
    | Reply

    hey, i got 2 male rats for a month now. They are young, born on 7 aug. when i pick him out of the case and put him on my shoulder, he goes for a trip on my back en want to jump in his case. and actually, i don’t know what kind of sweets they´╗┐ like so i can train them. maybe they just don’t like me? How could i keep them on my shoulder?

  3. Lesti Palmer
    | Reply

    I want to get my rattie a buddy, but my mom says one rat is enough (which it is obviously not!)…My rat’s name is Stitch. He’s a gray with a white blaze down his face. He also has´╗┐ a white belly, and gray tail with a pink tip on the end. How can I potty-train him? He also will not go on his wheel. He isn’t food-motivated, so I don’t know how to get him to learn his name or do other tricks/actions. What healthy treats do´╗┐ you think would motivate him? Please give advice and recommend videos!

  4. folithokna
    | Reply

    That cage is so nice! Your rats are so cute :] I miss having them. My last was a little hairless girl who passed away in´╗┐ June. Most of my rats have sat on my shoulders nicely, save for my first one. She would crawl into your shirt and if you were wearing a bra, she’d sit between your breasts and stick her head out of the collar of your shirt. Otherwise, she’d crawl down and pop her head out of your sleeve lol.

  5. Embracharr
    | Reply

    Female rats are way more active than males so I’d suggest if you plan on getting a less active rat in the future you get males. Other than that the thing I found works if giving them little treats to eat on your shoulder. I used to have a baby rat would would cuddle in my hair, but what he really loved was hiding in the hood of my hoodie when I’d put it up over´╗┐ my head. They find it a very comforting place to sit or sleep. Good luck ­čÖé

  6. Amy Freeman
    | Reply

    rats only bite if there older and never ever been´╗┐ handled

  7. Amy Freeman
    | Reply

    You can handle babies from birth thats if mum will let you but your best of training your rats when there very´╗┐ young

  8. Amy Freeman
    | Reply

    they don’t normally jump of but they do walk on your arms if there cross also i sat on the floor with Ben hes my black hooded dumbo and he always jumps of onto´╗┐ the floor hes a little bugger for that haha

  9. Amy Freeman
    | Reply

    I have 16 rats 4 does and 12 bucks and i stook all 12 on my shoulder they´╗┐ loved it haha

  10. pigmeet marcan
    | Reply

    Will they jump off as they act like they would like to? I heard they won’t jump off. ??? I just don’t want to lose her in´╗┐ the house?

  11. Erin Thain
    | Reply

    I don’t know why but I was laughing the whole way through´╗┐ this video

  12. XGerardxxWayXmCrLvR
    | Reply

    one of my rats started sitting on my shoulder the day i got her. my other rat doesnt though… she´╗┐ more perfers to be in mmy bra -.-

  13. Elissa Mullins
    | Reply

    Rats bite less than mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, and gerbils´╗┐ are liable to do.

  14. 333pinkelephant333
    | Reply

    i’ve heard that they rarely ever bite. can’t say for sure since i don’t have one, but i am doing extensive research because´╗┐ i AM planning on getting rats soon ­čÖé

  15. ratmainiac
    | Reply

    WILL THEY BITE???´╗┐

  16. Niko Vesterinen
    | Reply

    i think super glue will work : )´╗┐

  17. pandazRcutesy
    | Reply

    I just got 2 female rats, I´╗┐ think they think I’m annoying LOL.
    Anyways I really want to play with them but they stay in their cage, what canz I do? ­čÖü

  18. etanna
    | Reply

    i had just regular fancy rats…. atm´╗┐ i have 2 dumbos these videos are a few years old these rats have all passed away unfortunately ­čÖü

  19. sageme13
    | Reply

    what type of rats do you own, Dumbo or fancy? or some other breed?´╗┐

  20. David White
    | Reply

    could you do a vid about how t convince your´╗┐ parents to let you/me get a rat

  21. Shawn Foster
    | Reply

    Is the rat´╗┐ going to jump off the shoulder?

  22. MultiRatgirl
    | Reply

    I have two baby rats, one has loved me and trusted me since day one and even falls asleep on my shoulder. I’ve had her about 2 weeks, she was about 6-7 weeks old when I got her. The other one is probably about a week younger and I’ve had her about a week now. If I try to get her to stay up there she makes a leap for it. The first time I tried it with her she stayed for a minute or two and then made a flying´╗┐ leap to the couch a foot and a half away. Any ideas for this one?

  23. EarthStrongwolf
    | Reply

    I have rats with the same color´╗┐ coats

  24. awesomevidmaker
    | Reply

    Hey, well I got 2 baby rats (females) Cookie and Piper.
    They are REALLY hyper and always want to escape when I hold them. So im always nervous to hold them, Any suggestions?´╗┐

  25. valoyiannis1
    | Reply

    yeah em my 2 girl rats do stay on my shoulder but after like 2´╗┐ minutes on my they either poo on me or wee on me .do they do that to u? plz reply

  26. klayboren
    | Reply

    what if the Rats want to do down ur arms, just keep putting´╗┐ them back…….

  27. Dee Williams
    | Reply

    Is there a way to keep them from peeing on you while they’re on your shoulder or is it just a fact´╗┐ of having a rat on your shoulder?

  28. ThaRatChick
    | Reply

    Girls are waaaay to´╗┐ hyper. Some buys will sleep on people though.

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