How to Help Your Cat Enjoy Having a Bath?


How to Help Your Cat Enjoy Having a Bath?

In general, cats don’t like water. Unfortunately that also means that cats don’t like baths. The good thing is that most cats don’t need to be bathed as they do an excellent job of keeping themselves clean. However, if your cat manages to get herself really dirty, sticky, or smelly, you may need to give her a bath.
Start bathing your cat when she’s a kitten. The earlier in her life that she gets use to having a bath, the better. If you give your cat a bath when she’s just a kitten, she’s more likely to tolerate it when she’s grown up. It can be useful to give your kitten a bath so she gets use to it, even if she doesn’t need one.
Clip your cat’s nails before you give her a bath. If your cat or kitten hates getting her nails clipped, you might want to do this a day or two in advance, instead of the same day as the bath. Clipping your cat’s nails beforehand will help limit the number of fabric items (e.g. towels, shower curtains, bath mats, etc.) her nails can get caught on if she struggles. Clipping her nails will also help reduce the number of scratches you end up with.

Put a non-slip mat on the bottom of the tub. Your cat or kitten will most likely want to stand up while she’s in the bath and you don’t want her to slip. Put some sort of non-slip bath mat on the bottom of the tub or sink where you’re giving her a bath.
Start the bath training process. Start by gathering all the necessary bath supplies and taking your kitten into the bathroom with everything. Run the water and let her explore the sounds and the tub. Talk to her softly and gently throughout this whole process, and give her treats as a reward for good behaviour. For this step, she doesn’t need to get wet.
Get your kitten’s feet wet. This time take your kitten into the bathroom with all her bath supplies and run the water. Allow the tub to fill up an inch or two and then stop the water. Gently place your kitten into the water so her feet get wet. While she’s in the water, praise her and pet her gently. If she’s able to stand in the water without struggling, give her some treats.
Use a washcloth to wipe down your kitten. Teach her how wonderful it is to get washed with a washcloth. Bring her into the bathroom with all her bath supplies. Fill the tub 1-3 inches and place your kitten in the water. Wet a washcloth and gently wipe your kitten all over her body. Keep eye contact with her while you’re washing her, and praise her in a calm and gentle voice. If she doesn’t struggle, give her treats.
Pour water on your kitten. Take your kitten into the bathroom with all her bath supplies. Fill the tub and place your kitten in the water. This time use a cup or pitcher and gentle pour the bath water over her body so her fur gets a good soak. Praise her the whole time in a calm and gentle voice. Once you’ve thoroughly soaked her, wipe her down with a wet washcloth.


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