How to harness train a rabbit & All about rabbit harnesses!

Hamsterloverforever1~ ♥The COOL hamster care guide, and CRAZY hamster lady!!!♥ Thank you so much for supporting me by watching, commenting, liki…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

10 Responses

  1. Candice Allen
    | Reply

    My first ever bunny chappy (whos passed away now) absolutely loved being
    outside on a leash, tho i strongly recommend being very VERY careful since
    he managed to get a nail caught in the grass and it wasnt too pretty 😮
    But since my new bunny Tommo was thrown out on the streets (some guy breeds
    bunnies and leaves them on the streets when he runs out of room) Tommo isnt
    fully trained on a harness yet although hes a domestic (Lionhead) bunny he
    still thinks hes wild so he gets quite excited when hes outside but i plan
    on working with him and payno (my newest bunny) on leashes this spring and
    summer :3

  2. LittleSparkleRabbitry
    | Reply

    They make step in harnesses like the second one you showed, but they have
    thinner straps on them. Like as thin as the first you showed

  3. Kristi Bunnies
    | Reply

    Awwwwwwwwww!!! Your bunny is SOOOO cute!!!!:) What’s his/her name???

  4. eXtremeColors488
    | Reply

    Another video? Lemme watch… *clicks play* YAYES! I LOVE RABBIT CARE
    VIDEOS! YES YES YES! Hehe xD I’m not going to get my bunny a harness
    because he has a lot of free range most of the time xD Hehe!


    Hehe xD Great video! OOO! NOMMIES! Hehe xD

  5. Aleiaanimallover368
    | Reply

    Nice video! I’m going to probably get a harness for Sprinkles soon if I can
    find a good one. Is it actually okay to take ypur rabbit in the snow? I’m
    definitely not going to do it, but I was just curious because I always see
    people who put them in the snow and I’m not sure if it’s okay. Oh and
    Clover is so cute ^_^ This is the first time i have seen her in a longggg

    | Reply

    Yay I have been looking forward to this video! It is so nice to see an
    informative video! You gave such great advice, I’m sure many people learned
    lots from this! Good job! Aw Clover hehe she is such a cute bunny! Ahhh I
    want bunnies so badly , but hehe who knows, my mum is very much agreed and
    I think persuaded hehe! Just my dad I have to get around, but in Easter and
    nearer the time is when I will do my persuading on my dad aha! 🙂 xx

  7. Sam Ruby
    | Reply

    Do you parents agree with 11 hamsters? I’m only getting my 2nd on Sunday!

  8. Sam Naim
    | Reply

    What is it for

  9. Sam Ruby
    | Reply

    We love you videos! 9 hamster? Holy cow! How do you keep up?

  10. Sam Naim
    | Reply

    Plz Awnser

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