How to get your Horse on the Bit (LESSON) – Dressage Mastery TV Ep72

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Hello and welcome to this weeks episode brought to you by and Grand Prix rider Natasha Althoff. Dressage Mastery is an easy to follow system helping riders all around the world improve their riding.

It’s lesson Thursday, and this week we follow a similar lesson from Tuesday, where Natasha teaches Georgia how to get her horse on the bit without the horses nose going above the vertical.

Georgia rides a hotter horse, thoroughbred, which is a good contrast from the friesians as these horses tend to go above the vertical.

Learn from Grand Prix rider Natasha Althoff as she has put together one of the clearest explained systems on how to improve your dressage riding level by level.

Month 1 comes with well over an hour of lessons, a 24 page manual, and bonus MP3.

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We hope you enjoy this video and learn lots from this lesson.

Until next week, happy and safe riding 🙂

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18 Responses

  1. Lacy Jinks
    | Reply

    Please come to the US. I’d love to ride with u.

  2. horsebackriders
    | Reply

    Can you please do a video on cantering on the bit ?

  3. Carole Pritchard
    | Reply

    Love this lass! I would be brilliant if Natasha was my trainer. Always find your videos helpful and inspirational….. thanks

  4. Nina R.
    | Reply

    So, I've got a question and I hope you read the comment, because I'd seriously like to know. So I can only manage to ride once a week, rather less, atm because of uni and of course on schooling horses. I have found that getting those horses on the bit was rather difficult for me and I only manage to do it nearly before the lesson ends, so maybe the last canter-trotting phase before cooldown. It's very frustrating as I have to relearn it every week and I seem to be stuck on that level. When my instructor rides the horse, of course they'e on the bit in a heart-beat. I feel like I know the theory behind it, I just have trouble actually doing it. Any tips? (My main problems are that I tend to be too lose with rein contact and I pull my leg up, when I and the horse have a miscommunication regarding going faster).

  5. TheSonofFrank
    | Reply

    This is excellent! I was just watching some video of a lesson from a few weeks back and I was super embarrassed by the lack of contact and frame I was achieving. I was riding a grand prix Trakehner mare, so there's zero chance it was her fault. I've been stewing about how much we looked like a hunt seat pair. Your emphasizing the outside rein is exactly what my instructor has been saying. Ride into that outside rein, push the horse into the outside rein with the inside leg. We may think we have a strong, solid outside rein, but we do not. Thanks!

  6. kh7220
    | Reply

    everything you post is helpful, thankyou so much natasha.

  7. Elizabeth Cohen
    | Reply

    I'm a hunter/jumper and I watch these videos so would these videos still help me even though I am not a dressage rider?

  8. Elizabeth Al
    | Reply

    To answer your question to your viewers about whether our horse is on the vertical: It has been a lot of work and learning with my Arabian mare. she is very sensitive in the mouth and head and loves to carry herself inverted and high headed. She reacts by jigging and carrying on to a strong leg or hand so a soft contact is of the essence but finding that spot with her took a lot of time. She needs the contact of the leg asking her to move forward into the contact and with my hands soft and receiving with the timing being exact closing the hands or supplying the mouth when she wants to evade, she will come back into it. She responds to the loeg in the same way, pressure on and off she wants to run! So leg must also be a quiet ask and she needs to feel your there. I showed her through training level, but stopped because of the "fussy in the bridle" comments and have just kept her at home and schooling. She has come a long long way and is now schooling well with laterals and staying more in the contact, but there are still inconsistencies with the contact….I believe those are to be expected though. She isn't the only horse I ride, but she has been a great teacher to me regarding soft hands, steady, consistent and light contact and a help in particular with horses who are similar. There is a feel to each horse and it takes time to find it for any horse, but some more so than others as was in this case! Sorryno picture of her. This is another horse I am on that I exercised for a friend and took to a couple of shows. Obviously not an Arab!

  9. Megan Mahoney
    | Reply

    I wish I could get lessons from you, you seem so friendly but I'm from the uk 🙁 I guess I can still enjoy the videos

  10. Mackenzie Saunders
    | Reply

    I have a question for next week, my horse likes to come out of the canter really fast and choppy so how csn I fix that??

  11. Stal Mollink
    | Reply

    Great lesson again!!! Rock mostly goes above the vertical.

  12. Lina Q
    | Reply

    Great video! I was wondering if we are suposse to hold the outside rein and what do we do with the inside rein? Do we only half halt with our ourside rein, or are there exceptions?

  13. MrsC48
    | Reply

    I love this! My mare is the same, head up and then behind the vertical. It helps me to have a grab strap on the saddle and hook a finger or two through it to stabilize the outside rein.

  14. Berrit J
    | Reply

    I have that hand moving problem too! Thank you for the video, I will definitely try to do what you said, the next time I ride.  Thanks!

  15. Chloe Gordon
    | Reply

    Great Video!:) I was wondering if you could do a video in how to teach a greenie how to go on the bit. I have started to work on it with my trainer but I would like some tips from another rider.

  16. Kaitlyn Crawford
    | Reply

    This is gonna sound really weird but watching your vids always make me feel better about my day because you live in Australia(right?) and so episodes come out on the day before and I'm like
    It's Wednesday here but it's Thursday in Australia
    Does that even makes sense idk lol

  17. Brittany Hudson
    | Reply

    This is exactly was I was wondering on in my lesson. My guy was trying to rush through my hand so he didn't have to bend and would just speed up. By the end of the lesson we had it though. It's a great feeling to work on a task and succeed.

  18. Hannah Petrie
    | Reply

    Thanks for the helpful tip

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