How to Get Your Dog to BEHAVE ANYWHERE! – Training Environments

You must train your dog in every environment that you expect them to behave in, but you have to start with the basics.

The beginning of our training should always be conducted in a distraction-free environment. You can use your backyard, garage, basement, living room; it doesn’t matter, as long as it is a neutral and distraction-free environment where your dog can focus on you and not be distracted by outside influences.

This video was taken from our newest DVD, An Introduction to Dog Training with Jeff Frawley.





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16 Responses

  1. Jose Daniel
    | Reply

    Dude ur dogs already trained….

  2. Michelle sonego
    | Reply

    Thank you, excellent explanation, i have the same issues with my 8 mth old German shepherd, i have not been able to find another video on this and its exactly what i have been searching for, very well done

  3. The Canine Nutritionist
    | Reply

    They’re inhumane. Despite what your trainer or pet store employee may say, driving metal prongs into your dog’s neck hurts. That’s exactly why they so expediently stop a dog from straining at the leash, for example. Although eliciting pain may provide a quick fix, the effects are often short-lived.

  4. deqaf
    | Reply

    Great demo.

  5. Gez Dodd
    | Reply

    Class act Ryan Gosling lookalike, shame i couldn't find more videos of how you got to this stage, good effort

  6. Strikerwes
    | Reply

    I didn't even know Ryan Gosling trained dogs.

  7. Andrew Porfyri
    | Reply

    Interesting to see how the dog will concentrate or obey without treats

  8. ronald williams
    | Reply

    Lol beautiful

  9. Samuela Sirilo
    | Reply


    Sonny seems like a soft dog… You are not using a prong collar. It looks like a dominant dog collar. I have a soft dog would you recommend a dominant dog for soft dogs??

  10. daredevils007bond
    | Reply

    In 240p quality you look like Ryan Gosling

  11. Austin Buerer
    | Reply

    Can you explain the training you do to maintain the focus that Sonny has on you while you're working with him?

  12. Black Hole
    | Reply

    How can you get your dog to come back while chasing another animal? I want to train my dog to hunt and chase, but I want her to listen and come back when I call her. She’s a husky rottweiler mix.

  13. kuntal bose
    | Reply

    Very nice tips sir

  14. alexandrustrimbeanu
    | Reply

    Was it hard to get in character for Deadpool?

  15. Holly Tree
    | Reply

    Every dog I have ever known is distracted by surrounding people and other dogs/animals of any kind.

  16. Cold German Beer
    | Reply

    Jeff has improved a lot!

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