How to get your cockatiel to not be afraid of you


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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

28 Responses

  1. taylors fam
    | Reply

    Im getting a cocktail on Sunday and i wanna train it to be confidable with me and i am just getting my self ready

  2. Tiki the Cockatiel
    | Reply

    Thank you for the tips

  3. Kevin Malone
    | Reply

    What if your cockatiel doesn’t come out of its cages

  4. AverDev
    | Reply

    What the fuck did you do to his tail

  5. Bell Iron Fist
    | Reply

    That cage is too small you aren’t a parrot lover and I can understand why it was scared of you. You have wooden perches which can give it arthritis or bumblefoot. You need a much larger cage, and different perches. You have no toys at all except for some lousy wooden toy, and no a swing isn’t a toy. I doubt he has the right diet. You need to reconsider getting a bird. And his water dish is horrible.

  6. Bree 1283
    | Reply

    It took me 4 years to bond with my bird

  7. Mariam Rose
    | Reply

    Can someone help.. um so I JUST got my bird yesterday and my bird is scared and she/he is at the bottom of the cage also I said she/he because it's only 6 month old so idk the gender.. but yea it's on the bottown of the cage, all puffed up, and sleepy .. and snow I'm scared…pls help idk what's wrong with it :((( (my bird type is a cockatiel)

  8. Sophie C
    | Reply


    A cockatiel is a parrot?

  9. Imjonim
    | Reply

    If u move ur hand too slow ur pet might think u wanna hunt him.

  10. AverDev
    | Reply

    Wtf happened to his tail

  11. pixel boy
    | Reply

    But its effective it seems he just need to get confient

  12. pixel boy
    | Reply

    Man dont cut his queue because he will never fly again until his plumes will get up so pull they queue and cut them

  13. Yeet or be yeeted
    | Reply

    Can I put my finger in from a part in the cage cause I’m scared that my cockatiel will fly away

  14. Marya
    | Reply

    Zuzu is a she though hehe

  15. supergirl toTheRescue
    | Reply

    Best method is to remove food for couple of hours so they are a bit hungry then hand feed them , put seeds in your hand and let them purch and eat food out your hands. I do it and it works

  16. Yash Hang
    | Reply

    You are a serious flop girl mine is better

  17. Slovakia Mapping
    | Reply

    I tried and he still attaccs me but thanks godly I trained him to fly outside of his gate but he is brave when I catch him. When I catch him he starts to bite me but I don't feel pain. When he is too much scared then I put him back to his cage. But if u want trained cockatiel then buy male and female and then train a baby cockatiel 🙂

  18. Safwat Rezk
    | Reply

    What kind of treat is this

  19. spambot51
    | Reply

    That birb needs a bigfer cage 😔

  20. Luis Mario Lopez Monzon
    | Reply

    do you know why is Zuzu mad at at you…..
    The reason is because you cut of the feathers

  21. Sean Mike
    | Reply

    Why the hell did you cut his tail that's messed up .

  22. Abigail Gamer
    | Reply

    My cockatiel doesn’t know how to stand fully on my finger like he looses balanced

  23. Čenda
    | Reply

    How the F… you can cut his feathers?? It can do only stupid one..

  24. Teramir
    | Reply

    He's not very cooperative now is he

  25. Everything Anything
    | Reply

    You are really funny. man!

  26. Lauren Lai
    | Reply

    dude did you cut his wings

  27. Annie Loves Tord
    | Reply

    That's weird, (the spraying thing) my cockatiels get scared when i even POINT a water bottle at them xD

  28. David H
    | Reply

    Do not clip tail feathers that's how they balance, learn how to clip wings properly or go to a vet. Second that cage is WAY to small for a cockatiel.

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