How to get your cat to stop scratching the furniture

Sorry about the dated list that includes Yugoslavia. I had 2 lists from different animal welfare orgs and thought I had used the most recent version, but on…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

27 Responses

  1. Sho Ko
    | Reply

    Thinking of having your cat declawed? Think again! And watch how easy it is
    to get your cat to stop scratching the furniture

  2. Rozanimation
    | Reply

    cuting the nails of my kitten was easy when he was mini cuase hed be passed
    out while i did it, but now that hes getting older hes mega alert on
    everything and doesnt like having his nails cut i just dont know what to do

  3. Jillian Monks
    | Reply

    Um I got my cats declawed and they are perfectly fine. Their paws don’t
    look any different and they certainly don’t have the issues stated in the
    video. BTW we only got rid of the front ones. They’ll definitely have no
    balance if their back ones are gone.

  4. Rachael Rowe
    | Reply

    First time I heard about declawing I thought someone was talking about the
    Victorian Age, had no idea it was a modern thing, aargh.

  5. Faiza Faisal
    | Reply

    Can u make diy for us to made that cat tree or that pad .plzzzz.

  6. EndErPuppy
    | Reply

    I got my cat Declawed SOO HARD that it won’t let me pet it.

  7. LolaCroft248
    | Reply

    2:32 What are the brand names of your scratching boards? are they good for
    staying still??

  8. Chance Pemberton
    | Reply

    I have three adopted cats of which two are very similar to Shorty and
    Kodi. One is a twelve year old female Norwegian mix which looks much like
    Shorty and the other is a three month old kitten which has the black and
    white markings and black nose/black lower jaw much like Kodi. I love your
    videos so please keep them coming!

  9. Stan Bushuev
    | Reply

    I love cats to death. And it makes me sad that I can’t have a cat. I am
    afraid that I might hurt them accidentally.

  10. Nils Skudaarkaat
    | Reply

    In the FIRST place, pal, you don’t own a cat; they own you. and secondly,
    if you really love your kitties, GET CHEAP FURNITURE and let them alone!!!

  11. Stefanie Gruber
    | Reply

    I bought a Scratchtree it is a place to scratch and sleep so they won’t
    scratch the chairs in the Kitchen anymore. Is that enough of i show them
    that they may scratch on the tree?

  12. Carol Severin
    | Reply

    I agree with you on not declawing any cat. 

  13. Shari Michaels
    | Reply

    I have 3 cats and 2 of them have claws. The third cat is a kitten that we
    just got a few weeks ago and my 7 year old Calico cat does not like him.
    We have found claw marks and tears in our leather furniture and we are
    looking to buy new furniture but we are worried that the cats with claw
    will destroy the new furniture. We are going to get a fabric couch, but we
    were looking at leather chairs, but I guess leather is not a good idea. I
    do not want to declaw the kitten because I think it cruel to amputate their
    claws. Any other advice besides scratching pads and sticky tape? It seems
    they usually claw the furniture when we are not home. Any advice would be
    greatly appreciated!

  14. Hannah Pelton
    | Reply

    How do I get my cat to stop clawing the wall?

  15. WyntersFrost
    | Reply

    My cat will not scratch on those scratching ones you showed in this video..
    Instead she goes to the end of my bed and proceeds to do her deed… uhg..
    so frustrating.. I introduced her to it like you did.. still no luck…. ty
    for the video.. cats are so cute.. its fun to watch them play.. !!!

  16. jmarylastone
    | Reply

    what do you think is best ?? – scratch post UPRIGHT or scratch post FLAT

    I have always heard that the scratch post should be long enough to let you
    cat “stretch” out so you have a long cat your scratch post should be long
    like the cat

  17. ForViewingOnly
    | Reply

    I had no idea that there was such a thing as ‘declawing’. How could anyone
    who loves cats consider mutilating their pet? Come on USA, that’s
    disgraceful… catch up with the rest of the civilised world! Cat lovers in
    the US should kick off an AVAAZ campaign to change the law.

  18. sherry1674w
    | Reply

    Any Vet that does declaw a cat, is only and I mean only interested in the
    money! Once a Vet told me that he would rather declaw a cat so it would
    have a home…that is so WRONG! The Vet could have taken the time to
    explain to the new owners what it is like and what their cat actually goes
    through…all the pain, and when they do get older, even scratching the
    littler really hurts them, hence they will start not going the kitty pan.
    I tell people they should have their first knuckles and finger nails taken
    off…THAT USUALLY STOPS THEM IN THEIR TRACKS! Let all humans start being
    gentle and loving to these wonderful creatures that God has made! Thanks.

  19. Anna Vero Clifford
    | Reply

    We have had great success squeezing their paws when they are clawing
    something, they hate the way it feels and learn very quickly to simply keep
    their claws in. Of course, we had to put up with being scratched quite
    often during the learning process…. But with over 20 rescue cats sharing
    our home while we try to find them families it is an every day and
    acceptable job hazard :)

  20. Amethyst Rose Weed
    | Reply

    Cute. Near the end, the cat was like, “I wanna subscribe!!” x3

  21. Cynta Kat
    | Reply

    what do you think about like a no scratch spray? I seen one at Walmart,
    you`re suppose to spray your couch and that causes your cat not to
    scratch!! has anyone tried anything like that? it smelt like very strong
    laundry detergent so I did not purchase it . ANY TIPS?

  22. hay sparrow
    | Reply

    i wish my mom had listened to me when i told her not to de claw my keykey 

  23. Maureen Longthorne
    | Reply

    Priceless, thank you for sharing.

  24. Lord Ganja
    | Reply

    where did u get your scratch pad from? i dont find flat ones

  25. MurryBob
    | Reply

    got a scratch pad for Fred, he sleeps on it and destroys the couch..

  26. kiraanimerawr1
    | Reply

    We got my Norwegian Forest Cat declawed when he was a kitten, it literally
    did traumatize him for life. He’s a big cat, it’s sad to see his little
    stubby paws because they amputated too much. I remember having to bring him
    home and soak his paws in water then carefully cut through the blood matted
    fur on his paws while he kept crying and squirming. It was terrible, I
    mean, it was DEFINITELY the vet’s fault, but I will never NEVER get another
    cat declawed.

  27. 1lapmagic
    | Reply

    Wow, I never had a cat that would let me clip its nails like that.

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