How To Get Your Cat Into a Pet Carrier

You can teach your cat to like their carrier. This makes going to the vet easier, and can even help every evacuate safely in case of an emergency.

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10 Responses

  1. Marjan Naderi
    | Reply

    My 2 big cats absolutely hate their carriers and I usually have to ask the building manager to catch them and they scratch the hell out if my arms !

  2. helleswahn
    | Reply

    my cats doesn't mind the carrier, but HATE car rides and scream the entire time whenever we go somewhere. How can I get them used to this?

  3. HuffyPuffs
    | Reply

    I’m new to your page. Someone mentioned you in a cat group I’m in, and when I searched up cat carriers, you showed up and it’s brilliant!! Subscribed 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. Chris Gordon
    | Reply

    This had made me kick mine out

  5. Vitani B Mamba
    | Reply

    my cat freaks out and cries if i take the carrier out of the closet. Midnight isn't up for it

  6. Benjamin Piper
    | Reply

    This new mustache shape is a major upgrade.

  7. Bonny D.
    | Reply

    I use a cart that is designed for a small dog as my cat carrier. It's built on a baby stroller frame. It's one of my cat's sleeping spots. I've harness and leach trained my cat, so I can take her out to the park (where I let my cat get a taste of the wild). My cat's vet really likes the carrier, because my cat can be rolled to the various procedure rooms, in her den. My cat has a choice where she rides: in front, she watches the world go by; the back she's sheltered from nasties. She can stand up and turn around. It even has room for a small litter box. It has a basket underneath the carrier, so I can stow things like an extra harness and leash, dishes, water, a coat (repurposed dog coat) and a can of food. Other cat owners saw me use the rolling cat carrier… and the pet shop in town got plenty of business.

  8. Ciprian TheFlower
    | Reply

    why is this even a video? i just put a blanket in the carrier, pickup the cat and place it in the carrier, close the door and that's it. ppl have problems with this? jesus…maybe the cat does not trust you enough.

  9. Nada say
    | Reply

    I need to go to vet right now and she really don't want to get in and her friends all of them want to get in I cry latterly it's new carrier

  10. Sloane P
    | Reply

    Hi Jackson, I love your video and I would like to ask you for your advice. My cat is Terrified of the car, like it is getting so bad that in addition of screaming (and not stopping screaming for all travel, no matter how long) her paws are sweating and completely wet.. We think she was maybe brought to a car just before being abandoned, because we rescue her from the street when she was kitty. We also use the car to bring her home so maybe she is still scared of the car. She love her pet carrier, she have no issue to go in the pet carrier or to be in the car while the car is stop, but soon as the car is turn on….that's hell. I tried to let her out of her carrier to reassure her by keeping her in my arms but she just insert her claws in my skin so I have to put her back in the carrier. We only get to the vet once otherwise we use the car for getting to summer house, or for her to see her grandparents (our families) and even for little travel with her. Can you give us some advice?

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