How To Get Into The Head Of Any Horse In Minutes And Establish An Awesome Mental Connection

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Getting inside the head of a horse is absolutely necessary for bringing out the best in both horse and human. The more mentally connected they are to each other (or as we humans like to say, “bonded”), the better the communication between the two. In a mentally connected relationship the constant exchange of information overcomes trust, fear, confusion and anxiety issues. When these barriers are dealt with, rapid progress can be made because the time wasted on the “just doesn’t seem to get it” obstacles is spent far more productively. Since a mentally connected relationship improves as it ages, comeraderie and learning speed increases. This book puts you inside the head of any horse raises you and your horse to the next level of communication.

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3 Responses

  1. James Michael Bush "mikeebee"
    | Reply

    It has some useful information This book gives some useful information, but if you have done any study on what many call “Natural Horsemanship”, or whatever term you feel comfortable with, there is not much new here. It is basically another explanation of how horses are “hard wired” to accept leadership. That leadership comes from being able to effectively move the horse. Once you have mastered the relatively simple techniques to move a horse backwards, forwards, left, and right, the horse quickly submits to the mover, albeit in varying degrees depending on the individual horse. This is the basis for all of the “Horse Whispering” going on out there. Again, this is not a bad book, but there are others out there that explain the philosophies, and techniques better.

  2. Carolyn Wright
    | Reply

    Review of Book I am not really sure about this book, I presumed it was more about animal communication. This is about training for respect which I have taken many clinics. So far the book really doesn’t live up to the “Awesome Mental Connection” that it portrays in the title.

  3. Sue A. Freivald
    | Reply

    a practical and sensible approach . . . Written by an “old timer” with many years of experience, this gives observations and lucid explanations of horse behavior and how the trainer can truly become the herd leader.

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