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How to gain your parakeets trust

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How to gain your parakeets trust

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Links Down Below! How to care for your pet bird: Have a parrot? Link to Elite Parrots Club: http://83031…

About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Pupciclevscatpop says:

    I just got one today and she already hops on my finger sometimes

  2. KingBeast79 says:

    if they fly off like they did in the video how do you catch them?

  3. Da Gamer says:

    would this work with multiple birds in the cage?

  4. Leafs4Luck says:

    How do i cstch the vird if it flys around my room and hiw tk i get it to be
    calm at night??? My boy parakeet (Reggie) is a good boy but my girl
    parakeet (Peach) is really freaking out at night and wont eat alot :(

  5. Julia Irlin says:

    he’s so cute! <3

  6. Bklyn T.V says:

    and im his little sister amanda

  7. killerunleashed100 says:

    Well I have 2 birds, ive had one longer but ive been trying to gain their
    trust for weeks now and nothings working

  8. scaleop4 says:

    hahah nicely done.

  9. Jee Sedentario says:

    I have 4 birds and 1 of them I have gained trust with but when I try to
    gain trust with the other 3 birds, they are scared of me.

  10. Sheldon Cooper says:

    How can your bird be so calm while you watch Youtube?

    If anyone turns on ANYTHING on a small device, mine goes crazy at the sound
    of the speaker (Even if it’s low volume).

    He seems to dislike small speakers as opposed to larger ones..

  11. 1337Gameplayer says:

    Gaining trust with your budgie is VERY important!!! We were very busy once
    and we just bought one. It was a very bad idea because we were busy, so we
    didn’t have time to socialize with it. It went wild and tried to bite us
    all the time. It was sick recently, and since we couldn’t touch it, we
    couldn’t heal her and she died of a stomach disease… 

  12. Samantha Kelch says:

    i like how there is a swing on the bonsai, very cute :3

  13. ohazzy Walks says:

    I have 5 Budgies i need help. They already ripped off 2 perchs. Im trying
    to make all 5 of them used to me. It won’t work. They fly away and go crazy
    i can’t take them out of the cage endless i find a way to catch them before
    my parents come home. Thats why im trying to train them, they stay in their
    cage all day everyday and i feel like they need freedom. So im trying to
    train them so i can take them out and put them back in. So i need help alot
    they only like me enough that they don’t get scared when i walk by. So i
    need help and advice. (i would try millet but i dont get to go anywhere
    that much.)

  14. Ember Abbadear says:

    Aww this is a great video I can’t Waite to get one. 

  15. TipsByJustin says:

    Will this work with two birds?

  16. Bklyn T.V says:

    im kind of scared to take him out of the cage i dont want him to fly away
    what do i do

  17. Leila Zak says:

    I have 2 parrakeets, one is blue and one is yellow. The yellow one trusts
    me, but the blue one keeps getting scared

  18. Ronald Roberts says:

    Excellent video quality. I wish more people took the time to rehearse and
    edit their material they way you did.

  19. Lilly Jacobs says:

    ive been trying for a year to gain my birds trust (i have 2 parakeets) but
    everytime i try to take them out of their cage or pet them or anything they
    freak out. the yellow one (tweety) screeches and runs away and the green
    one (cocky) screeches and bits me. what should i do? ive literally tried
    everything i could find on internet.

  20. Alexa Bowen says:

    I bought two budgies a year and a half ago. After about 9 months, Lucy (the
    female bird) died, and Jude (the male bird) was alone. I got him a friend,
    Jasper (male). Jude used to trust me when Lucy was around and he’d even get
    out of his cage. Now him and Jasper are just scared of me and fly around
    the cage when I try and train them. I feel like theywill never love me and
    trust me 🙁 any suggestions on what to do with training two? Thanks! xo

  21. MrFartyman44 says:

    Hi. I have two parakeets that I bought from a pet store. They were not
    babies not not fully mature. I’ve had them about a month now. They will eat
    from my hand but that’s it. If I try to get them to jump on my finger they
    run away in their cage and if I force them to come out they instantly fly
    back into their cage. :(

  22. Madi Bird says:

    Thanks! I could use this to try to gain my parakeet, Dandy’s trust. All she
    does is fly around when I try to get her on my finger. But, I will
    defiantly try this.

  23. Ashley W. says:

    My problem ia I cant take my paratweeties outta theie cage and my newest
    bird, Amy, is scarws of me after 2 months and she qatches me get the other
    2 birds do the exact same rhing…. Help!! Also, my other birda, a biy and
    girl, like exclude my new girl… Is it possible that they take contfol
    being a year oldwr and probably knowinh it?

  24. Randy Rose says:

    The bonsai tree is a great idea. My question is i saw one of the birds have
    a goldish braclet thing on one leg what was that? And why?

  25. abc68099 says:

    I rescued my budgy from the pound. It is a blue boy. Does it need a
    companion? Also, I want to create the best environment for him. I want it
    to be exceptional. What experts do you like?

  26. Julie Petrea says:

    i can take it out but some times it flies back in. it trusts me a lot but i
    have to keep it near the cage or it starts flying around. how can i train
    it to not fly back and stay near me?

  27. Kike Rosas says:

    I had my perekeets for 5 months is it time to gain there trust or should I
    wait more

  28. Alice Heart says:

    Now , I’m in my living room all the time! But I keep it next to my bed when
    I sleep and put a blanket over the cage but keep one side NOT covered up so
    it sees my face. Is that a good idea? I just now bought my parakeet today.
    I was annoying it really badly :/ Should I take him everywhere with me
    around the house ? :)

  29. Michael Flores says:

    Well I just got 2 new parakeets and, I dont know much about birds, but does
    it hurt when the bird walks on your hands (finger)

  30. manvir taggar says:

    Help me tame my 2 budgies which hv been with ne for about 6 mnths

  31. GamerboyZ1113 says:

    What happens a if they bite you does it hurt

  32. korey janowski says:

    Can you still be very close if you aren’t home schooled?

  33. Krystal Sherdel says:

    my bird still freaks out with I try to even go near it or try to put it on
    his ladder 🙁 what should I do ????/

  34. Salman K says:

    Won’t the bird just fly away when I take it out of the cage

  35. Brianna Boone says:

    I have a new baby parakeet and i want to hold her so bad but im a little
    scared of her and she like to run alot please help me please thanks

  36. Laquila M says:

    i have 4 of them, i got them 6 days ago. all different personalities.
    white,yellow,green, sky-blue. two i got from a breeder two from petsmart.
    all on the same day. they get along so that’s good. Some days they are more
    friendly and i can touch their belly or wings. other days they freak out.
    what do i do? i sit and read so i’m with them often. at first they did
    nothing, now they eat A LOT. how do i get them to warm up more?

  37. John Wayne says:

    Mine just looks out the cge and stares at me then when I put my finger 1
    foot away from it he backs up
    How to gqin better trust

  38. Tabitha Lykins says:

    what if you have 2 budgies?

  39. lil green says:

    well I’ve been grabbing my birds a lot and more he doesn’t really trust me
    how can I make him trust me more again

  40. Mybackupsbackup says:


  41. Julie Petrea says:

    My bird doesn’t play with its toys what should I do?

  42. Michi111996 says:

    What if when you take it out whit the ladder it flies off?

  43. Stephanie Wadleigh says:

    My bird hates me anyone wanna tell me what. To do im 10 i had him since
    kindergarten i tried and tried he hates my guts please help

  44. Flashflight Lee says:

    I keep my parakeet’s cage door open all the time, they only like to fly
    from the kitchen to the living room. 

  45. Mybackupsbackup says:


  46. Juanito Rodriguez says:

    How many mouths does it have ti be train

  47. Dani Nunez says:

    It’s been like a month now but they run away when I try to carry them

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