How to Find a Reputable Dog Breeder

How to Find a Reputable Dog Breeder

By Elizabeth Beecher

Whether you want to be a dog breeder or want to purchase a dog directly from a breeder, there are a few things that are important to know.

Puppy mills are the best example of any irresponsible dog breeder. Those of this ilk are solely concerned with making money fast through an assembly line production of puppies for sale. This type of set-up is much akin to chicken farms that mass-produce eggs.

Though these dog breeders may use dogs of popular breeds, the individual dogs for sale are often poor examples. Many have come from a lineage with genetic defects and the puppies may grow into adults with fragile health and poor temperament or even be short lived.

As a potential buyer, you should look for a responsible and ethical dog breeder of high reputation. That is your best assurance of getting a pet that will meet your expectations. You may pay more than if you purchase your dog at a pet shop, but you can be assured of the animal’s quality. This is not to say that there are not good quality dogs for sale at a pet shop. However, in some circumstances, the puppies for sale may have come from a commercial breeder of dubious reputation.

A reputable dog breeder will follow a breeding plan that is geared toward the enhancement of the breed or breeds involved and will not over breed the females producing a set amount of litters each year.

Puppies receive maximum nurturing and human contact geared toward creating an amiable temperament in the breeder’s canines. Dogs being bred are carefully screened to eliminate hereditary defects and contracts are issued assuring the purchase of the puppy for sale guarantees a healthy, well cared for animal bred from top-quality stock.

Any hobby or commercial breeder that works with a kennel club to protect the breed involved is usually a good choice. You should inspect the premises before deciding on a purchase. Look for signs of overcrowding, poor sanitary conditions, dogs in obviously poor condition or having obviously aggressive temperament. These are all warning signs to go elsewhere to purchase your pet.

Your best bet may be a hobby breeder who works with fewer dogs and is able to give the animals more personalized attention. Do not confuse a hobby breeder with a so-called “backyard breeder”. A hobby breeder is well acquainted with the breed he or she is selling and maintains maximum standards of feeding, breeding and maintenance of the dogs for sale.

On the other hand, the backyard breeder is a dog owner who decides to raise puppies for sale as an income supplement and is not aware of – or does not bother to understand – breed genetics or proper nutritional requirements. Your chances are high of getting a dog of questionable temperament and overall good health from this type of dog breeder.

A breeder that inspires confidence is one whose puppies for sale were born on the premises. They do not sell puppies under two months of age (seven weeks at the earliest), are always available for advice even after the purchase, can offer references from satisfied buyers, and are able to answer any and all questions regarding the breed of dogs for sale. The reputable dog breeder is a member of a breed club and works with the club to enhance and protect the dogs and will offer a well-written and satisfactory guarantee upon purchase of a dog for sale.

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