How to Crate Train your Dog – PetSmart

PetSmart trainer Debbie goes over the basics of crate training and how to help your dog feel comfortable in one.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. why wait? why they make shock collars lol dogs are not stupid, they learn
    fast. on the first zzzap, they get two warning beeps and then a shock, my
    dog walks into his cage and lays down, if he even whimpers he gets a
    warning beep, once they hear the beep, they relax. no anxiety, no barking,
    no whimpers, and best of all, no messes to clean up. I don’t have to give
    my dog a treat or anything. tell him “cage kane” and he walks in. done

  2. susan allen says:

    im getting a new pit puppy in bout 4 weeks and I already have a Chihuahua
    mix hes bout 1 is it ok to put them together in the same grate at night so
    they can help each other?

  3. Michael Corpening says:

    everyone my puppy is 12 weeks and i been trying to stop crying, barking,
    bitting, chewing etc its not working. NEED HELP

  4. mousee mouse says:

    Why am I watching this I don’t even have a dog?!?!

  5. anyone else watching this say HI DEBBIE 😀

  6. Dragon Cartoons says:

    the potty training puppy appartment worked grate for my dog

  7. how old was she?

  8. RainbowSuds16 says:


  9. Choco Lot says:

    This trainer has never met my dog, or a dog like him. My dog “doesn’t” curl
    up in small spaces and doesn’t love crates. And he won’t run into a box
    after a silly treat.

  10. thadrine says:

    Yeah….our dogs started banging their heads (literally) against the crate
    as soon as we closed the door. We have yet to be able to get them to calm
    down in a crate.

  11. Andrew Horng says:

    how old is she

  12. Lynette J says:

    My puppy took to his crate without doing any of that. We brought him home
    in one and he likes it.

  13. Koby Holland says:

    My dog always whines when I take him inside the crate, hopefully this works!

  14. GamerMatt98 . says:

    so did mine

  15. EverythingisFire says:

    Get one 🙂

  16. Dalli Resham says:

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  17. Kelly desalme says:

    never shopping here only for supplies not for animals peta knows what
    really gos on and so do i

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