How To Cope With Your Hamster’s Passing

“How do I cope when my hamster passes away?” This is a question that many hamster owners want to know. Whether you are a first time owner or you’ve had many …

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30 Responses

  1. HoppingHammy
    | Reply

    “How do I cope when my hamster passes away?” This is a question that many
    hamster owners want to know. Whether you are a first time owner or you’ve
    had many hamsters in your life, this video will give you tips on how to
    cope when your hamster goes to the rainbow bridge. Do you have tips not
    listed in this video? Share them below in the comments! :)

  2. Hamster Horsesandcats
    | Reply

    Such amazing tips! I just filmed a video just like this but you have put it
    in to much better words, then I did! This is amazing and most likely very
    useful for most of your viewers

    | Reply

    I was thinking about making a video on this, after loosing Honey, recently
    but I see you have and its a great video you give some nice tips on this
    topic! I’m sure many who of lost their pets can relate to this and this
    will come of great use to them! 🙂 

  4. Hammy Paradise
    | Reply

    Great vid as always. Could you do an ep. 3 of the In Focus series?

  5. Emory Moench
    | Reply

    Your hair is so long and beautiful 🙂 I love how it goes from brown to

  6. Thebunnyshed1
    | Reply

    This is such a sensitive topic buy you’ve coveted it in such an amazing
    way, I’m sure this will help so many pet owners, not just hammy owners.
    ❤big hugs x

  7. xHamsterLover2000x
    | Reply

    Unique idea for a video and you couldn’t have said it any better! I’ve lost
    multiple pets over the years and every time it’s never easier. I love the
    send off boxes you’ve made <3 I clean the cage out straight away because I
    don't want to see their cage and expect them to be in there because I find
    that very hard. Thank you for making this video <3 (and congrats on 54k) x

  8. Staceyspetmice
    | Reply

    Lovely video :)

  9. liedy2
    | Reply

    this is perfect timing, i just lost my hamster 2 days ago randomly
    overnight, he didn’t show any signs of anything wrong.. 🙁 thank you for
    making this video :)

  10. CassidyAnimator
    | Reply

    I have never lost a hamster, but I have lost a dog. Ever since I was really
    little, we had a beautiful girl Miniature Pincher named Coco. She was so
    special to us and to me. I loved her so much and I had so many amazing
    times with her. But two years ago, she got very old and very sick. It was
    so bad that she couldn’t walk anymore. So we took her to the vet, and they
    put her to sleep. I was so sad and I cried a lot. We miss her and we miss
    she was still here. But to remember the amazing times, I kept her dog bed
    and collar, and even made a memory box of her. I even have baked clay with
    her paw prints and name on it. Going though the loss of my dog was really
    hard, but we moved on

  11. AvaLPSproductions
    | Reply

    After 25 days of crying over the loss of my past hamster, Cookie, I decided
    I finally want to get another hamster-or maybe two more. 😉 I’m still
    trying to decide if i want another syrian or a pair of dwarfs… 

  12. Gabriela Siqueira
    | Reply

    That was an amazing video I will look at this when my hamster dies named
    peaches and when my dog dies to!!!

  13. Hamster lover
    | Reply

    Great video HH this was very useful 🙂 also what bedding is being used in
    Sumatra’s cage as he is running through the cardboard tube?

    Thanks for the great video by the way! 🙂 x x 

  14. WinterWhite22
    | Reply

    my hamster died yesterday …..i had a hamster once but this time why am i
    more emotional?

  15. Christine Carey
    | Reply

    My oldest Syrian hamster was 6 Years old her name was Hammy 

  16. Crientjuh
    | Reply

    I would like to write this comment as a tribute to my favorite hamster I
    have ever owned: Kruimeltje (means crumb in dutch). I had to put her down
    because of severe “old age problems” when she was 2,5 years old. This was
    about 13-14 years ago but I still miss her and think about her.

    You were the sweetest little dwarf I ever had. You just loved being with
    me, out of your cage. Every day when I came home from school you’d be awake
    and waiting for me to grab you out of your cage and play with you. You’d
    just sleep in my hands or on my shoulder, or lick my fingers. And if I was
    sad you’d lick my tears (prolly cus they’re salty but still :P) You loved
    being held and stroked. You never showed any interest in walking away from
    me and explore. I remember I accidently left your cage open for quite
    awhile and you didn’t even go out! And another time when you did “escape”
    you stayed in my bedroom, underneath a drawer. Making scratching noises
    when you noticed I was in the room. Almost like you wanted me to find you.

    I have never met another hamster like you, Kruimeltje. I cried for like a
    month when you passed away, and I think I’ll never fully get over losing
    you. You were so so special to me. You were my best animal buddy.
    Kruimeltje, I love you. Always have, always will <3

    Also, HoppingHammy, Thank you for this video. I wish it was there for me
    when my previous hammies passed away, but it will definetly help me for the
    coming years.

  17. Anna's Animals
    | Reply

    Great video! With past mice, I’ve been the kind of person to immediately
    clean out the cage, especially since I usually bury them with their
    favorite toy and some treats. 

  18. Thuy Jarrett
    | Reply

    My first hamster died because he had wet tail. He couldn’t take the
    transaction to a new home. I only had him for 5 days. (Rip marco) 3 days
    later I asked my mom and dad for another and I got one. I was so sad before
    I got him. He really did brighten my day and he still does every morning I
    wake up to his fuzzy brown face :))) lots of love to who have lost their
    loved ones 🙂 <3

  19. eXtremeColors488
    | Reply

    Thank you so much, Hannah, for putting this out there. This is a very
    meaningful topic. Saying that it’s okay to cry is so helpful. Sometimes I
    just cry out of the blue. It’s completely okay to cry. (or of course not
    to) I’m a more emotional type of person which would be sort of hard to
    believe, but even if someone said something about a topic that my sadness
    relates to, my throat clenches up. The burial boxes are a very sweet idea.
    Yodel and Streudel :'( I’ve had the same problem. “It’s a rodent, what’s
    the big deal?” 🙁 It seems like people care more if it’s a cat or dog
    that’s passed. :'( All animals have soles and minds of their own. I bet 3/4
    of people don’t understand how much we commit ourselves and dedicate our
    love to our pets. Again, lovely video. It must’ve been hard to film this.
    Thank you so much for this. 🙂 xox

  20. Night Sketch
    | Reply

    I cried during this video, a happy but also a sad cry, thinking of my
    Chinese dwarf, Coco. I had him for 5 1/2 years. But I also had a dream
    recently, and when I picked him up in my dream, he turned all young like
    when I got him, and he said, I am okay, don’t worry.
    I kid you not

  21. katelyn sim
    | Reply

    U looked a little teary, are u alright? 

  22. Calli
    | Reply

    My hamster Tallulah past away last Tuesday but I got two Russian dwarf boys
    called jazzy and joey I still cry though it’s a big change 

  23. Sage Benenati
    | Reply

    I don’t want to complain. But I have to.
    I had a hamster YEARS ago when I was much younger but I still haven’t
    gotten over it.
    Now, I had her for around 3 years. The first two years I remember I took
    really good care of her. I spent all my time with her and always made sure
    she got the love she needed.
    Around the third year I started making friends and ignoring my hamster. My
    mom took over the responsibility and took care of her, however she knew
    nothing about hamsters. She did the best she could but I know that my
    hamster didn’t have a an amazing life. I loved her and I still do. I also
    remember she had a cage that was embarrassingly small but at the time I
    didn’t know. I didn’t do research and didn’t do anything I should have done
    to make sure I was being a responsible mom and giving her all she needed.
    No matter what she was still just the sweetest little thing. To this day,it
    is one of my biggest regrets and I hate myself for being such a bad mommy.
    When I berried her I decorated the box and gave her a ceremony like you did
    Hopping Hammy, but it didn’t help me feel better and nothing does. I wish I
    would’ve given her an amazing life and that way I would feel much better
    about all this. I needed to get this off my chest and just to tell all the
    young kids out there to not get a pet of any kind that you can’t take care
    of. Please PLEASE research it and make sure that you can give it a good
    life. If you don’t it will haunt you years and maybe your life. I’d just
    like to apologize to Sproutley, my hammy, one more time. And just hope
    wherever you are you are happy now. I love you so much <3
    Thank you for letting me express my feelings in the comments section. 

  24. Kieras hammys
    | Reply

    My hamster passed just yesterday, and I’m so upset I cried so much but I
    feel better now remembering all the good times we had together. This video
    was nice and It really helped, my dad is on a big trip so I just really
    wish he was here right now because he was the only one that really
    understood how much I loved her, I just finished burying her but I don’t
    have the heart to clean out her cage, it really feels like I will never
    recover. RIP May you will be missed :'(

  25. Happy Hamsters
    | Reply

    My gerbil is passing away as I write this. She is old. Right now she is
    very skinny and looks very old and boney. I found her like this in her
    nest. I am trying my best to be at her side. I am so sad. She was my first
    gerbil. She is very cold. I wrapped her in a blanket and trying to keep her
    warm. I will never leave your side. I do not care if I have to stay up
    until dawn. I love you Daisy. You had a wonderful life. You and Piggles
    would look at each other all the time. I remember when you would keep me up
    all night running on your wheel and chewing cardboard. You were so cute 🙂
    I remember when I first brought you home from my school. The science
    teacher’s gerbils had a litter of pups. I picked you out because you were
    the runt and so adorable <3 I remember when I would bring you outside in
    the play pen for some play time 🙂 I will always remember you and the
    great times we had together. I will try my best to make you feel better.
    But if it doesn't work, Rest in Forever Peace <3 The family and I will
    always remember you. I love you Daisy <3

  26. Animal Freak
    | Reply

    My sisters hamster is slowly passing away right now I’m bolling my eyes

  27. Hammy Paradise
    | Reply

    i’ve never had a hamster pass before so i don’t really know how it feels.

  28. Ellie Christmas
    | Reply

    My hamster died on Wednesday and I think I will be getting a new one
    soon… I miss her a lot and your support and videos have been helpful!
    Thank you!

  29. StayBeautiful 〈3
    | Reply

    this was made on my birthday… ;)

  30. Nerdy Kawaii
    | Reply

    What if you don’t know why they passed?

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