How to communicate with a dog in their own language- dog training dog communication

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

In no way do I condone pestering a dog in order to make them offer calming signals for you to see. I kissed Kiko on the head in this video to show you something that dogs HATE that is often done to them, not that I want to condone it! ☺ Dogs bite. You should never put your face in a dogs face. Calming signals can be offered when you are standing or sitting, I was very close to Splash at one point in this video because it was hard to fit us in the video screen, and Splash is very comfortable with me being that close to her face. Never lean into a dogs face in order to communicate with them! Its Threatening! This video is about the secret language of dogs. Some of you might already know about Calming Signals, but the main population that find out about dog training through Television programs might not. In this video I will show you how you can use your dogs own language to communicate with them. I will also show you how to interpret your dogs language. Turid Rugaas is an internationally renowned dog trainer who has studied and researched calming signals for over a decade! You can visit her site on calming signals to learn more AND PICK UP ONE OF HER BOOKS AND DVDS on the subject. I also have to say that Turid Rugaas has the best leash walking book out there. My dog pulls-What do I do? I am eternally grateful to Turid for giving me the ability to be able to talk with my dogs in their own language. Here are the main calming signals that I like to use with dogs

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. kate211d
    | Reply

    @laurad355 LOOL!!

  2. kate211d
    | Reply

    No you yawned he like , “Do i smell mint?”
    he yawned your like , ” Oh wow i need to brush your teeth geez!”

  3. kate211d
    | Reply

    LOL 7:12 – 7:39 i wuz laughing my ass off XD , ” yes i do want a treat” her:do you like to talk to humans? “no i want a treat!! god damn it!!”

  4. jumptoit3
    | Reply

    Wow! That was amazing! I’m totally about to try this out on my dog right now, haha. And the end was so funny!

  5. peanutburtter586
    | Reply


  6. TheZachary9
    | Reply

    @laurad355 my dog once actually licked my tounge:O

  7. laurad355
    | Reply

    @TheZachary9 niceee :S ahaa

  8. Hollster91
    | Reply

    Heeeey =)
    Cool Video and Cute Dog.
    i have a god too,her name is Suzie and i have had her since my 8th birthday and i am now 19. i tried a few methods from this video today for the first time,and she did not catch on,but shes an old dog,so that is mabey why =(
    Cool Channel Though B-)

  9. bumtaksi
    | Reply

    you look like the dog..hahahaha

  10. Moonclaw1000
    | Reply

    my dog looks away when i look at her while im eating XD

  11. DisneyLover305
    | Reply

    @thatamazinggeek In general…

  12. mandylalalumb
    | Reply

    omg thts so cool! this worked so well for me. my 2 year old dog coco is so scared of thunder storms. i licked my lips and he just curled up next to me and went to sleep.

  13. KittyKarenXX
    | Reply

    this makes me yawn but it works

  14. vidres9
    | Reply

    at 6:00 im prett sure that dog was saying……….OH JEEZUS

    JK but it looked like to me…..:)

  15. NicksLocker
    | Reply

    Nice video 😀 I noticed that my dog seems to understand most of these signs.
    I have a question though, are you supposed to use a calm signal like every time you sit with your dog, like lick your lips or something? Or is he supposed to do it?
    If he’s upset would he give like 2 or more signals?

  16. FortJB7
    | Reply

    can you make a video on tips for blind dogs?

  17. oR3E
    | Reply

    ur strange

  18. eltonthj
    | Reply

    Thumbs up if u yawned when she yawned. 😀

  19. poohbabe111
    | Reply

    oh when my dog yanwed i thout she was tried……. i guss she was annyed…..

    | Reply

    ommmggg what breed is splash 🙂 super cute

  21. ToMakeSilverSing
    | Reply

    Ok… has anyone else sighed/yawned in response to those calming signals? I did.

  22. ortiz2288
    | Reply


  23. DeadMau5899
    | Reply

    i gave my dog a calming signal, and he looked away from me

  24. DeadMau5899
    | Reply

    @ToMakeSilverSing me too my dog didn’t really accept my signal

  25. DeadMau5899
    | Reply

    This video really works i tried all the signals and all and all except for the yawn worked. My dog really hates me so im going to try to see if i can build a better relationship with my dog by using these signals

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