How To Clean Your Bulldogs Eye Folds

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Demonstration of how to clean your bulldogs eye folds.

What do you think?

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18 Responses

  1. xXSharkfinsoupXx
    | Reply

    And your gonna do the same thing with the other eye, If your dogs stays on the table. Lol. =]

    Good job. Cute bulldog. 😀

  2. eckerd89
    | Reply

    relax buudy, care for dogs take time and patience when you love them

  3. roanne9145
    | Reply

    Have you ever used desitin? You can put desitin on the stain a couple of times a week and the stain will disapear. Try it.

  4. hotwax01
    | Reply

    Interesting – I will give it a try. – Thanks

  5. xenaspice
    | Reply

    Have you ever tried Angel Eyes. it is a supplement that you put on their food once a day. ive had my bullie on it for about a month and i can already tell that it is helping. its a little expensive but we worth it to keep the tear stains away. i still wipe his folds just to keep them clean but they are not as red from the tear stains anymore.

  6. firemanpaul7
    | Reply

    my bulldog has demadex mange on his neck. It’s not all over but just one big spot on his neck. What would you recomend. I have tried everything.

    | Reply

    All you have to do is EVERYDAY clean the wrinkles with unscented baby wipes (Costco brand works great) Also use to clean in toes, under nose wrinkles and under tail. Never had a problem.

  8. Flopsydoodle
    | Reply

    kissing dogs is unhygenic they lick their bums yuck

  9. Sistemul0
    | Reply

    I love the Bulldog rase, but I cant afford a dogg like this. Im from Romania and here it costs over 600 euros (thats a whole salary here). Please if anyone has one to give to adoption I wold be very gratefull

  10. krzypodoll1
    | Reply

    that makes things easier, i’m going to look for something like that.

  11. krzypodoll1
    | Reply

    all dogs lick there asses. i’m sure youve licked your boyfriend/girlfriends private parts and didnt mind lmao. true tho.

  12. kylecooly
    | Reply

    thanx your a life saver al give that ago i never new how to do it can you send me a email with eny tips

  13. PosterworldPL
    | Reply

    So feel you pain as our bulldog does the same thing & tries to get away when it’s fold cleaning time though you way is much more thorough than ours. Will give it a try!

  14. PosterworldPL
    | Reply

    So feel you pain as our bulldog does the same thing & tries to get away when it’s fold cleaning time though your way is much more thorough than ours. Will give it a try!

  15. TooDarkOutThere
    | Reply

    Aww.. I love how you give her a kiss at the beginning… so sweet!

  16. DJGrl1970
    | Reply

    Desitin can be a nice quick fix but it also keeps the skin folds moist which defeats the whole purpose. I too tried this remedy when I first got my Bulldog but I have found that using a medicated powder such as “Caldesene” works wonders. It not only helps dry up the moister in the eye folds but it also helps eliminate the smell/irritation within these folds. You can find this or any other medicated power in your local stores such as Walmart, CVS or grocery store. Avoid eye contact when using!

  17. DJGrl1970
    | Reply

    The Caldesense can also help treat the yeast infections under the tail. Bulldogs are also known for getting yeast infections under their tails if not cleaned frequently. Any type of yeast medication is good for this and I have found that using an “Athletes Foot” treatment works well for this. Cleaning it with a Feminine wipe 1st works great and reduces the odor and irritation but make sure to dry it out after you have cleaned it thoroughly and then apply the power as needed.

  18. alguerrero
    | Reply

    @Flopsydoodle –Bulldogs can’t reach their bums. How do I know this?? I have a bulldog!!

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