How to Choose the Right Clippers for You

Pet Clippers: How to Choose the Right Clippers for You

By Mike Steele

Pet clippers are an essential part of any dog owners grooming arsenal. Great for touching up your dog or readying them for a show. Below are some characteristics you should look for when purchasing an “at-home” pet clipper:

• Make sure the shape fits your hand. You don’t want the clipper to cause unnecessary strain on your wrist, arm, or hand

• Look for clippers with a break-resistant housing, so if you should accidentally drop the clipper, it won’t need to be sent out for repair, or worse replacement

• For at home use, it is best to look for a maintenance free model that doesn’t require taking the clipper apart for cleaning or oiling

• Purchase a clipper with a high “clipping speed” which will run strong, but just as important quietly

• Choose cool running clippers, especially those that do not require additional fans or components to keep the unit at the appropriate temperature; avoiding overheating both the clipper and your hand

• Detachable, chemical, and rust-resistant blades should come with the clipper you purchase, which will assure a longer life for your blades with less maintenance required for sharpening

Before clipping your pet, be sure that they are clean. Dirt, mats, and oils quickly dull your blades and take away from the life of the clipper by causing it to work harder. When choosing blades to use with your clipper, remember that as the number of the blade rises, the depth of the cut goes up. Checkout snap-on combs for your clipper as well. This will allow you to leave your dogs coat longer, while still maintaining a well groomed look! If you a “do-it-your-selfer”, be sure to invest in a quality grooming table as well. Make sure when using the table that you properly secure your dog to the table with an appropriate neck loop. Most of all enjoy the grooming time you share with your pet. Grooming in nature is a way to build strong bonds between animals, if you are so inclined, grooming at home can become an additional way you help communicate your love to your pet, building your relationship one snip at a time…

Mike Steele

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