How to Choose the Best Location for Your Birdcage

Watch more How to Take Care of a Pet Bird videos: Your bird needs more than just a great cage. Like any family member, she needs…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

39 Responses

  1. hanin ahmed
    | Reply

    thanks for this information

  2. AdelaineJoyOfficial
    | Reply

    Can I put my bird in my room?

  3. Nathan Wahid
    | Reply

    Hmmm everytime someone gets close to my bird he always flip out in his cage

  4. docwilkey
    | Reply

    Thanks for the info

  5. gunnermaster100
    | Reply

    I take my bird in my room turn the fan on and cuddle with it

  6. Mia Edwards
    | Reply

    My birds flew away today the day before camp

  7. Internet MASTER
    | Reply

    best location for animal cruelty is your cage

  8. Fudgie1400
    | Reply

    if you only speak a little engllish then how did you type the comment in

  9. ddrmaxman
    | Reply

    @8447michael no one, but i don’t care either. Howcast has been kind of dumb
    recently and I didn’t care to post a normal comment. lol

  10. ConstipatedTroll
    | Reply

    OMG this made me so complete and helped me alot in my life*wiggles finger
    weirdly near bird’s cage*

  11. Cuming For You
    | Reply

    @sasukerocks51 do ur cockateils talk? if so, are they easy to understand

  12. chargersfan1111
    | Reply

    @Luvzcookies18 ran away? LMAO!

  13. kuba998899
    | Reply

    hey please make on the subtitles im italian and i small know english i
    subscribe you your video are important for parrot or other XD

  14. bobbymcjunior
    | Reply

    How do we know if the bird is a she at the start

  15. drknakkie
    | Reply

    Did you know .. animals do not belong in a cage ?!!!!!!

  16. puurfect123
    | Reply

    so what if your in your in your room AND your family need to bond
    with it,a bird needs to be let out/talked to during most of the day,if your
    in your bedroom most of the day you must be on your laptop/phone with
    earphones in and wont be talked to anywhen.birds are very loud so you wont
    get any sleep at night,in my opinon keeping a bird in a bedroom is
    cruel,birds like listing to new things (tv) i wouldent plan on getting a
    bird if you dont even know there basic needs!

  17. Kevin Padilla
    | Reply

    I love your videos how cast

  18. Abby White
    | Reply

    so I should stick the cage by the computer.

  19. Fudgie1400
    | Reply


  20. Abby White
    | Reply

    well go to parrot whisperers channel he will help you.

  21. sfshrimp
    | Reply

    @Luvzcookies18 You mean flew away?

  22. Sspitfire
    | Reply

    If I release a captive-bred bird, the other wild birds WILL NOT accept the
    released bird to be in the flock, therefore, the released bird will die in
    the wild. Is that what you want?

  23. Luvzcookies18
    | Reply

    i had the same bird as tht i had 2 the other 1 died and the other 1 ran
    away. 🙁

  24. Charlie Labs
    | Reply

    Notice his shirt? 😉

  25. Mr Foehnn
    | Reply

    Speaking to him in a calm voice seems like a fair start. Insert your hand
    in the cage several times a day.This process can be tedious,but it should
    work.don’t move your hand closer to the bird right this until he
    doesn’t spazz out when you put your hand into his/her “territory”.When that
    happens,gently move your hand closer to him/her.Keep speaking to him/her
    when you do that.This is all I can give you,sorry 🙁

  26. Kaycee Workman
    | Reply

    O have a question. I want to get a bird, and keep it in my rrom, but I also
    have a snake that needs my heater on. Would the bird be ok during the
    winter with the hearter on if I kept them apart? Or would I have to put the
    cage somewhere else?

  27. Dimitri T
    | Reply

    @CJBountyHunter no but the one kinda says i love you and how are you XD

  28. jenniferinsanee
    | Reply

    now i want a bird….. 🙂

  29. puurfect123
    | Reply

    even if you dident have a snake a bird definitely shouldent be kept in a
    bedroom,birds are very sociable animals,your bird should be kept where your
    family is most of the day, you wouldent be able to sleep if you keep i in
    your bedroom ,birds are VERY loud, what type of bird are you planning on

  30. HomicidalAxe
    | Reply

    Where should i put my vulture and raven? =D

  31. Daniel Carmo
    | Reply

    This one is usefull, I had a couple of red-tie finches and they died. I
    allways wondered why, and now I know… it was because they were in the
    kitchen. So the fumes must have killed them.

  32. Alexx Macavinta
    | Reply

    i have a cockatiel. i really did not know about these stuff because he was
    just a gift…. i love him though but it is very hard to train hm because
    he is only friendly when u have kangkong. he wont even let you touch him.
    we keep him in our living room and i am always with him… can you give me
    any help to make him less “cranky”

  33. Kubwa Nanzuri
    | Reply

    my birds are in a cage .. they cant go free or they will hurt themselves
    mine hurt its self the first time i let em out flew right into the wall.
    tropical birds cant be set free either or birds born in cages .. the cage
    protects them.. if you get them young and train them outside the cage then
    its ok to let them out

  34. Emily Robinson
    | Reply

    Well, my birds died of cold, because we accidently put them by a vent.

  35. guthix3340
    | Reply

    Ive got alot of budgese so im gonna get a love bird now

  36. sarahgeorgiou13
    | Reply

    I have my 3 birds on a old tv stand just between the kitchen and living
    rooom. It’s the perfect place. They get plenty of sunlight and lots of
    atention. Sometimes I even think they watch the tv with me 🙁

  37. kuba998899
    | Reply

    i know 50% english

  38. Dimitri T
    | Reply

    @yozy212356 i have 2 cockatiels 🙂 a had a canary but it died 2 weeks ago

  39. lego12craft
    | Reply

    nice vid

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