How To Choose A VET For your Dog

How To Choose A VET For your Dog

by Ray Coleiro

How to choose a vet for your dog!

When one takes a moment to think about it — perhaps the most difficult and agonizing decision to be made on behalf of your Dog is choosing a vet.

The first and most essential step is to educate your self on the Dog and aspects such as diet, health care, behavioral problems, and emergency care. This will enable you to understand what the vet is saying and you can then be a part of any decision making process where the well being of your Dog is concerned.

After all, it is the vet who will:

* Ensure good health of the Dog * Treat the Dog with care when sick. * Be a good advisor and friend to you the pet-parent when you are worried. * Give timely advice. * Be available on call at all times. * Put the interests of the Dog ahead of everything else. * Be educated and well informed of new developments in the field of medicine.

A or B–who is the Perfect choice?

In this vital decision of choosing between A or B, you the parent must make an informed decision.

The right way to go about choosing a Vet:

* Ask a friend or the breeder to make a recommendation. Even other Dog owners will be helpful and candid about their own experiences.

* Make an effort to visit the clinic when you are not expected there — it will give you a chance to see how it functions.

* Check for cleanliness, a professional atmosphere, and a feeling of comfort combined with professionalism.

* Request a tour of the facility – meet the staff.

* Find out what kind of practice it is – allopathic or holistic.

* Determine whether the vet is a member of any organization/body. Do check with the Medical Board and ask if there are any complaints registered.

* Try and find out how many Dogs are patients–many vets do not have experience in the care of “toy breeds.”

* Ask if the same doctor will treat your Dog every time. Also, whether anyone will stay with the dog if ever an overnight stay at the clinic becomes necessary.

* Take your Dog for a visit and see how he is treated by the staff/doctors.

* Find out what the charges are and whether they are available for emergency calls. Also whether they accept insurance plans, credit cards, and if they have in place any health care schemes.

* Find out whether the clinic offers/knows about alternative treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and herbal treatments.

The “key” is to however trust your own instincts.

And the wrong way…:

* He is handsome or friendly. * Because the clinic is a hop, skip, and jump away from your home. * The interiors are done stylishly. * His rates are the lowest.

You must choose him only because, “he is the best” and you are in total/complete agreement with his philosophies.

There are basically two different lines of thought/treatment.

The “Allopathic” represented by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) that practice medicine known as allopathic, conventional, or western medicine.


The “Holistic” philosophy represented by the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association ( AHVMA) which uses holistic or natural methods to treat dogs. This kind is known as holistic or natural medicine.

What is the difference? You will find when you do a bit of research that their very perceptions differ.


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