How To Choose A Pet Bird

How To Choose A Pet Bird

By Zevs Borealis

Buying a bird is a major commitment that should be carefully considered and researched. Owning a bird requires a significant amount of time, money and adaptation to the needs of the animal. All types of birds are noisy, messy and require daily attention. Since birds have very delicate respiratory systems, they must live in a smoke and pollution free environment. Air fresheners, cigarettes, pesticides and some cleaning solutions can make birds sick and even cause death. If you decide that you are ready to make the long-term commitment of caring for a bird, you need to carefully think about what type of bird to buy. It?s essential to choose a species that fits well with your family?s life style.

A general rule is that the larger the bird, the more it will cost to buy and maintain. You can buy a Finch for about $10 while an Amazon parrot may cost up to $800. You will also need to buy a cage, toys, food, and set aside sufficient money for vet visits. For most birds you will need to buy pre-formulated pellets, greens, sprouted seeds, and fruits. Birds like lories, toucans have very specialized diets while others such as finches, canaries and doves have simpler needs.

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