How to Choose a Pet Bird : Train a Pet Bird

Staying consistent while training your pet bird is discussed in this free video . Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Ti…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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29 Responses

  1. iheartspice3
    | Reply

    she says the same thing in every vidio!

  2. larissarenwick
    | Reply

    this video lacks specific information.

  3. ela Taylor
    | Reply

    the same way as training a child I AM A CHILD

  4. Fabian OverHere
    | Reply

    @smudgesquirt he said nothing wrong, he only said he liked parrots and owned couple of birds…ok so what doesn’t mean you have to be spazzing over it and, why do you ask for his age you creep… I’m 11 and I know better then to ask peoples ages online…. PRICK

  5. 3choBlaster
    | Reply

    I want a huge hawk ,,, and a huge wolf ..

    and a small monkey

  6. MrPASHproductions
    | Reply

    @jilliancurtis the best place to buy them from is rrescue centre (:

  7. clipm1
    | Reply

    is this about birds in general or about parrots

  8. welngtn4
    | Reply

    Madam: If you profess to be an expert, be one! I know your intentions are superb; however, you’ve made several mistakes. Start with falconry; then, you’ll not go spreading bad habits to the fully ignorant.

  9. Zubair Bawa
    | Reply

    How can you train a canary?

  10. aleksoboom
    | Reply

    On all of parrots videos from expert village are best: Elizabeth and Madeline

  11. SuperCrazyboy123
    | Reply

    The parrot is mad at her

  12. ReTarDzZxHaCk
    | Reply

    0:30 Lol !

  13. veronica powers
    | Reply

    awww xD part of the story is sad and happy at the same time (except the little boy part)

  14. ShadowKillah08
    | Reply

    Petland has mean birds. They leave them out for customers to touch. Bad behaviors rub off on them. I was at Petland and came across a young African Grey. A little boy, unsupervised, was handling him and startled the Grey. The boy threw him down into his box and ran away. I came over to him, he was upset but trying to be nice. It was like he was crying. That’s when I knew I found a special friend to take home. His name is Zulzu, we call him Big Boy and Baby Bird. He talks to my tiels.

  15. BennyJennyJ1
    | Reply

    use ur imagination dim wit…i had a cockateil dat my grandmother owned at passed it on to us…it died in 98 cuz he was anbout 25 years old…i also had an indian ring neck dats still alive which my sis took away wid her to england cuz she got married…i also was looking after my cousin’s female cockateil for six months…and i have two baby cockateils rite now..and just to get another one in a few days…n e thin else u want to know about me?????sheesh ur creepy

  16. BennyJennyJ1
    | Reply

    yes ive owned several parrots…and i have two cockateils rite now

  17. BennyJennyJ1
    | Reply

    parrots r the best pets u can have

  18. derrick omar marrero
    | Reply

    i love how one scene she has a sun conure and the next she shows up with i giant blue n gold macaw.

  19. lemurfan123
    | Reply

    Well, if your a good bird owner you would ltake the bird out on a perch most of the time during the day, AND you would give them toys in their cage so it wouldn’t be that bad. Parrots will be fine if you know how to look after them. Cheers lucyloo!

  20. thenilessecret
    | Reply

    here’s guessing you have never owned any living thing in your life. Well there are rules regulations and limitations on almost everything and if your an up standing citizen your virtually in a cage yourself

  21. halo2noobpowner
    | Reply

    any were it feels like

  22. ChroniclesofTaco
    | Reply

    This is the best video on YOUTUBE!!!!!!

  23. StrumT strummer
    | Reply

    If you come and sit on my shoulder Sarah, I’ll teach you how to speak properly. :O)

    IF one gets a Bird, where does it doo its poopy?

  24. NerdHunter87
    | Reply

    there is no need to get aggressive mate. But again you are completely wrong and even basic google searches provide better information. There is a million reasons why birds bite.. not having a toy to chew on while being held is NOT one of them. I have never offered birds toys while holding them and am hardly ever bitten – and when I am it is for a different reason.

    I suggest you look up something like “why do parrots bite” or “my parrot is biting me” or join an online parrot forum

  25. ging410
    | Reply

    @jilliancurtis same here but i also buy animal from a trusted store called pets unlimeted.

  26. CanariesRock1
    | Reply

    No im not, why dont u just piss off???he needs toys to chew in thats y he is biting her, not wen u hold it when he’s in his cage!!

  27. NerdHunter87
    | Reply

    Are you trying to say every time you hold a bird it needs toys to chew and bite? Because that is complete bullshit.

  28. HappyMapleGirl
    | Reply

    I thought someone was sick but it was the parrot’s noise

  29. senegal8
    | Reply

    _Nothing_ is easier than a cockatiel! Give us an update – did you get a bird? male or female? How’s it going?

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