How to Check Your Hamster’s Health!

REQUESTED***PLEASE READ*. Hey guys! 🙂 So yes, I know, the rabbits aren’t in the intro. This is because we are in the process…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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35 Responses

  1. FuzzyPolkaDot
    | Reply

    @Haven True: Most likely that’s due to old age. 🙁 There really isn’t much
    you can do about that. Muffin was thinning for quite sometime too, but
    making sure her diet was as healthy as possible made her grow it back. 🙂
    But at 3 years old I’m not sure if you can do the same.

  2. Felicia Anastasia
    | Reply

    My hamster teeth color is similar like aspen bedding, is it normal ? My
    hamster eat , drink , sleep , play , and weight is normal 

  3. Ava's hamsters
    | Reply

    One of My hamsters top tooth is chipped a little

  4. FuzzyPolkaDot
    | Reply

    @HamsterCareGuide: Hehe, right on. ;)

  5. Nedarrah
    | Reply

    Can someone please help me? So yesterday I checked my 5 months old syrian
    female and just under her genitals I noticed like a poopy cream spot. She
    doesent drink water and she stores her food in her bathroom. But she is
    really energetic. What is wrong with her and do I need to take her to the

  6. FuzzyPolkaDot
    | Reply

    @Moonstone224aj: LOL, thanks! 😀 I actually have a video called “How to
    Convince Your Parents to Let You Get a Hamster!”. 🙂 Good luck!

  7. FuzzyPolkaDot
    | Reply

    @Jameia Little: Wow. :O I can’t believe you have already commented. xD LOL,
    it’s Muffin. xD

  8. Havens Animals
    | Reply

    My hamster is about 3 years old, he still acts healthy and playful and is
    constantly running on his wheel. However, he has lost lot’s of weight, and
    he is a long haired hamsters but his hair is thinning and falling out

  9. Gamesforever247
    | Reply

    My hamster is hunched in the corner of his cage not drinking pooing or
    weeing and both of his eyes are closed over with yellow goo and puff and he
    sleeps all day he doesn’t walk around he is 4 years old and he was very
    active but in the past 5 days hes stayed their i had to hand feed him
    lettuce and cucumber and he falls asleep when i feed him im scared if he
    dies 🙁 replay soon as you can please i need advice.

  10. HoppingHammy
    | Reply

    Muffin is sliding all around like she is on a skating rink….”Wheeee!”
    *laughs* My goodness she is a hyper little thing – you weren’t joking! Ah,
    the joys of a female Syrian. Creampuff was the same way. 🙂 You covered a
    TON of info in this video and it’s very helpful! Also, what positively
    wonderful footage of Muffin in the intro. It’s so cute how she placed her
    paws on the ornament. Also, your little spin at the end made me laugh.
    hehe. It’s a great theme for the holidays and is very festive!

  11. Marina Navarro
    | Reply

    My hamster looks so much like your and its name is lizzy also has muffin
    ever bit you :)

  12. AwesomeRaichu
    | Reply

    This video is really helpful <3

  13. Abby Alexis
    | Reply

    Great Video, Muffin is ADORABLE, But what video editor do you use????? BTW
    that intro was AMAZINGLY CUTE!!!!!

  14. CrazyLoomMaster
    | Reply

    Yours I meant lol

  15. DystopianCupcake
    | Reply

    Good video!

    Each one of these contain their own “spice”

  16. Moonstone244aj
    | Reply

    LOL Muffin just wants to run, and run…..
    Awesome video! I really want a Syrian for Christmas. Any tips on how to
    persuade parents??

  17. Nightcore Angel
    | Reply

    Wow calm down Muffin (lol i did a type error a second ago and it said
    Buffin! :D) wow but she was SOOOOO cute!!!! I love the intro and it has
    given me an idea for SS on HH!!! Oh yay cant wait to give you the things!!!
    Also great video covering alot (Oreo is hard to do i thinks she wants to be
    a Robo hamster the only time she is still is when drinking, eating and
    sleeping!) Also i think muffin want to be a dwarf she is forever like
    ‘What’s that?’ okay thats enough typing for you to read!….

  18. BeautiquefulHamster
    | Reply

    Oh my goodness! YES! A new video 😀 For your description, before I go any
    farther, I am so sorry about your rabbits, but it might make you feel
    better to tell you their going to have great owners 🙂 And oh gosh. Muffin
    is SO adorable! Haha, bum alert cx Muffin’s at that age where she is REALLY
    active, isn’t she? Nice editing! Loved your new intro! I loved your little
    spin–whee! And how did you get Muffin to stay on that ornament! My Wasabi
    would jump onto the ornament, and try to eat it, only to find out it tasted
    terrible xD That was super cute! Very informational. Well done, Ashley :)

  19. MyPetParadise
    | Reply

    Great video! Really enjoyed the new intro. Although, I do miss the
    bunnies:( Oh my, Muffin would not sit still, would she? She’s so cute,
    though! Their’s just something about her ears that I LOVE! Also, you did
    some great editing! Keep up the great work!

  20. CrazyLoomMaster
    | Reply

    My hamster looks exactly like you 

  21. mylittlezoo22
    | Reply

    Very Helpful!! (also, im testing to see if this comment can be replied to,
    so can you see if you can??)

  22. Thebunnyshed1
    | Reply

    Absolutely brilliant video ! You covered so much in such a short time and
    this is such a easy to understand video ! You hanster is absolutely
    gorgeous ! Hehe she wanted nothing more but to get away the naughty little
    sausage ;D just subbed to you, can’t wait to watch more of your vids x 

  23. TotallyHammy
    | Reply

    Also she might be in pain or something else

  24. xxPizza Cookiexx
    | Reply

    also great video

  25. нαмѕтerz
    | Reply

    Omg! I died when I saw your new holiday intro! When I saw Muffin with that
    peanut and the christmas ornament……I’m sorry but that’s too much cute
    for me 😛
    *Muffin bum alert* LOL 😀 Hehe, great video! ;)

  26. Neé & Company
    | Reply

    Lovely video, Fuzz! Muffin looks so hyper today hehe 😀 Lovin the bum shots
    xD Your intro is so cute, I loved the part with Muffin goofing around with
    the ornament! <3
    Haha, I remember when my friend first found out what a scent gland looked
    like! She was ham-sitting my rainbow hammie Max for me while I went on a
    trip. We were on a train when she texted me saying she found a lump on Max,
    and I freaked out. She sent me a pic and I had to laugh, it definitely was
    his scent gland! What a way to start a vacation!

  27. ScrabbleHammy
    | Reply

    This is a very informational video for new owners and you made everything
    really clear! Muffin was completely adorable always moving around, Scrabble
    is exactly the same! Great video :D

  28. Tammy Marino
    | Reply

    Lol i was just eating a muffin

  29. Jameia Little
    | Reply

    Wait, her name is Muffin.. Sorry. XD I was thinking Bella, or Sunfire. :3

  30. xxPizza Cookiexx
    | Reply

    and its cool and we have the same name

  31. PunchiPurplePastries
    | Reply

    Wow… She *is* a wild one:)

  32. TotallyHammy
    | Reply

    I have a question my hamster Strudel just had sugey ( she had a tomur :'( )
    and shes not eating she only ate on seed and a piece of corn. Im worried.
    Do you posably know what it could be ? Love the video btw

  33. colorsfor hamsters
    | Reply

    Amazing intro and muffin is so cute! Great editing as well :)

  34. Jameia Little
    | Reply

    49 seconds ago?! What a record. 😀 I’m sorry but I forgot your Syrians
    name.. XD. what’s her name again? Is it Bella? 

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    | Reply

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