How to Care for Your Ferret

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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14 Responses

  1. blackguy
    | Reply

    I have two ferrets , Casper , and honey , they love each other and they are super cute , but are a handful when they are allowed to be outside of their house.

  2. Riley Sunburg
    | Reply

    I might get 2 ferrets for my bday or Christmas, I already have a cat, fish and a hamster but I am so excited!

  3. Albert Garcia
    | Reply

    albert_004 follow my instagram

  4. MrJuiceBox99
    | Reply

    How's that going?

  5. Paulycx
    | Reply

    i really want a ferrets but i dont no where to buy one and how much they cost

  6. sue devisser
    | Reply

    hello im gettind a ferret soon we made our cage out of copper its great but this stuff helps

  7. reptifreak99
    | Reply

    my birthday is next mounth i want to think about wat im going to get early i want a ferret but is it the right pet for a 12 year old i have expirienced pet small sharks and parakkeets do you thing i have the skill or do i need to wait i have had up to 3 parakeets at a time befor

  8. I Hate Youtube
    | Reply

    @BlCHIFY lol

  9. Melissa Velmor
    | Reply

    i have 2 ferrets

  10. KillerPanda77
    | Reply

    @haydenrose123 me too

  11. Hayden Rose
    | Reply

    @generationx1254 my mom isint scarded but she thinks they stink so i cnt get one:(

  12. Chaos
    | Reply

    i want to get a ferret but my mom is afraid of them 🙁

  13. Jacob Fennell
    | Reply

    OMG 1:18 to 1:26 is soooo cuuuute

  14. SBPFilmsDirector
    | Reply

    Cool!, this helps i am getting a ferret

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