How to Care for Ferrets : Training Your Pet Ferret to Use a Litter Box

Watch an expert explain how to train your pet ferret to use a litter box in this free online video. Expert: azsli Contact: Bio: Fran Fre…

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49 Responses

  1. TheFerretLover100
    | Reply

    just put poop in the litter boxes and they won’t sleep in them

  2. MsMadison888
    | Reply

    Cant srry

  3. MsMadison888
    | Reply

    Its funny how she say the can be complete liter trained were i knew a ferret that was it has 2 liter boxes and it only went in those liter boxea go nutmeg!!!

  4. aislinn carter
    | Reply

    its funny how she says that the pine pellets are pretty much DUST free but when the get wet they disolve into saw DUST… lol

  5. Sara August
    | Reply

    Thats exactly how mine is. I just got mine a few days ago. I thought it was going to be easy like training a kitten, but I was wrong. Lol.

  6. kantoothechameleon
    | Reply

    “lift their butts”…how professional!

  7. greekigurli
    | Reply

    having 4 letterboxes in once cage is RIDICULOUS! lol clearly it doesn’t make a difference other than taking up WAYY to much room. Half of the stuff this women says is not true in all her videos!

  8. Aero8591
    | Reply

    I just bought a ferret she is using her litter in her cage great but outside she wont iv put food and blankets in every corner i dont want her 2 go in her litter box is close 2 her play area but she still goes out of her way 2 poop in every corner but the 1 her litter box is in i wash the corners she goes in so there is no smell and i try putting her in litter box when she needs 2 go also the litter box is in the first corner she went in when i brought her home i cant figure it out XD

  9. Dxb0y9
    | Reply

    ok thx

  10. Nomberss89
    | Reply

    oh sorry you can use a container also 🙂

  11. Nomberss89
    | Reply

    i think a litter box is best, its only a few bucks thoguh. i want a ferret 🙁

  12. SerenityX27
    | Reply

    the dots mean they have their shots

  13. WOODROW2020
    | Reply

    So I like the training in this video, NOT! The title says its a training video to train a ferret to go in the litterbox, but the only thing she does is tell you the different kinds of litter boxes. Fail

  14. Dxb0y9
    | Reply

    what cani use for litter box like can i use sand instead of something i buy?

  15. iAmChrissable
    | Reply

    im really confused with expertvillage she said ferret cant use a cat litter box but the girl with girl with the glasses on said ferrets can use a cat litter box

  16. Sovereign Dreadnought
    | Reply

    ive searched all over las vegas, and every single ferret i see id from marshall farms. wtf. is marshall farms like the puppy mills? but for ferrets? its bullshit. and they all have a tattoo in there ear its two blue dots. its rediculous

  17. robertlamb178
    | Reply from maker like ferret nation and marshall farm

  18. robertlamb178
    | Reply

    Correction more attention bc a cat and dog lose playfullness when they grow up most ferrets are playful throughout their life

  19. robertlamb178
    | Reply

    It is expervillage aint experts on anything and yes you can use certian cat litters like the one my vet reccomended me Tidy Cats Non Scented and it is 99.6% dust free so the vet said it wouldn’t hurt mine like i said expertvillage=dumbasses

  20. jackstrawfrmwchta
    | Reply

    If they aren’t buying them in California, they must be smuggling them into the state. Probably from Mexico. And I could make a pretty good guess, as to where they are hiding them.

  21. satomi325
    | Reply

    ferrets are illegal in california…so there is no sales here….
    And the homosexuals here in SF are great! I don’t know where you’re getting this BS from…

  22. jackstrawfrmwchta
    | Reply

    Unfortunately, a small segment of the homosexual community in the san francisco bay area, has began engaging in the deplorable practice of inserting these beautiful creatures into one another’s anuses. Given the animal’s instincts to explore and “ferret’ out prey in dark tunnels and burrows, they are only to happy to oblige these sick and depraved individuals. If you live in san fran, and sell ferrets, PLEASE, do not sell one to men with lisps or a limp wrists.

  23. BakaOnna777
    | Reply

    @wrath0f i don’ really think that’d work. the digestive system is so short you have to walk them 3-4 hours after they eat every time the eat.

  24. BakaOnna777
    | Reply

    exactly as boredbody said pine is a no no. bad respiratory problems result in it.

  25. WarezRUs
    | Reply

    Oh, thanks for the warning. I’m not getting one afterall, so yeah 🙁

  26. ComputerJunkies
    | Reply

    Well no. Because them they will chew on it and get sick.

  27. WarezRUs
    | Reply

    Can I use used newspaper as litter?

  28. hailjonas
    | Reply

    are you selling any of ur ferrets?? because me and my mom really wont one.

  29. wrath0f
    | Reply

    Forget wasteing money on the litter shit its more then Cat litter just buy a two legged collar and take it out for a walk around 10mins three times a day when after the age of 1, 2 times

  30. R4V3RK1DD
    | Reply

    i have a freind with ferrets and he gave me my ferrets so i didnt pay for them and the costs for keeping a ferret isnt very high and its not hard at all.
    P.s My one of my ferrets is lying on me right now … =]

  31. IWantLandingSnow
    | Reply

    Not at all. They are not that expensive and they are alot of fun.
    The only thing you have to consider is, Can you give them attention and room for about 4 hours a day playtime. Depends how many you want. They sleep for most of the day, but they need as much attention as a cat or a dog.

  32. socool234516
    | Reply

    do u dont know what you talking about litter boxes for a blind ferret should even be brought up ! stupied

  33. Iyad Mansour
    | Reply

    if someone in the household is pregnant do ferrets give them diseases?? pls reply

  34. 3g00fy4
    | Reply

    cn anyone tell me if havin a ferret is hard or expensive?

  35. Wolfisais
    | Reply

    nice video my litter pans are alittle bigger and yes they move them

  36. Ferretlover5711
    | Reply

    good advice

  37. Olivia Rae
    | Reply

    this video does not help at all =/

  38. budgieheaven
    | Reply

    thanks im kind of dum so i dont know much about them

  39. Farah Ansari
    | Reply

    no dey don’t

  40. chaonaopao
    | Reply

    i live in greece
    i dont wanna buy a ferret but adopt
    where can i get one and how much it will cost(money is not a problem)

  41. ALW9876
    | Reply

    erm the ladys pretty nervy and it usualy takes around 2 weeks 4 kit and 4 weeks 4 and adult

  42. pinkkt25
    | Reply

    thay do use water bottles yes, mine do now , thou they do prefer lapping it out of a bowl ….they also like to tip it up all over there bedding too!!! little buggers!!! so a bottle is better

  43. VdzAk
    | Reply

    i have two pet ferrets and they crap all over the place reguardless of how long i have tried to litter train them. how long does litter training normally take?

  44. metalocolypsecinabun
    | Reply

    do ferrets use water bottles too?

  45. Zurikatte
    | Reply

    so the litter box goes inside the cage… wow

    Sorry…I’m ignorant

  46. AroSmak
    | Reply


  47. dclpt
    | Reply

    I read that it is Pine Shavings that are bad, not Pine Pellets.

  48. Carpetsharks
    | Reply

    Pine isn’t good.

  49. babytigerjess
    | Reply

    I just ordered a ferretnation cage!!! Sooo expensive in the UK D;

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