How to Care For a Ferret : Pet Ferret General Care


I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Watch an exotic animal health technician explain how to provide general health care for a pet ferret in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. bestamerica
    | Reply

    i love ferret is a so great pet family

  2. Alannbitchh
    | Reply

    Would you be able to leave it alone in the house for most of the day or would it need company like a dog??

  3. annbaskervill
    | Reply

    @Alannbitchh They need to have a cage to be in while you are not home because they are like 2-year old humans – into everything! I’ve owned many different ferrets for 25 years & sure, they like company, especially people!

  4. camillalpz
    | Reply

    @ericrules95 Ferrets are extremely resistant to rabies. I know you posted this a year ago but just letting you know.

  5. chease5699
    | Reply

    fuck bob bloody dylan!!!!!

  6. marsvin55
    | Reply

    ferrets are so cute =D

  7. tfa86
    | Reply

    @Alannbitchh there need to be at least 2, in words TWO ferrets, a single ferret will get serious problems that might even lead to death! never have a single ferret at home!! but if you make the rooms they live in ferretsave (like no cables they could bite and no places they could get stuck in) there would be no problem as long they have food and water…they will play with each other or sleep until your back home and rdy to care for them..

  8. PeachSunset
    | Reply

    Ferrets are just the cutest!!!

  9. squishyr
    | Reply

    0:31!! lol!!

  10. starbionicat101
    | Reply

    awww it kept jumping at her….

  11. PlayfullFoxKit
    | Reply

    @expertvillage im trying to adopt one of these little fuzz balls but i’m quite low on cash most adoptions require a “small” fee of usually 100$ and some times more, i have a nice large cage but i dont know where to get one with out spending 400$..
    i also living in miami florda 😛

  12. emopuppyeyes
    | Reply

    the ferret at 55 wants to bit her fingers

  13. TadsKadsNekadNebusi
    | Reply

    Hey i defenetly dont want to buy a ferrent to keep it in cage,is it nessesary to keep it in cage or i can let it sleep where ever it wants to,of course wil teach it to go to toilet 🙂 friend has a ferrent that goes to toilet it self like a cat.

  14. paintballking11
    | Reply

    @PeachSunset i know right!

  15. AlphabetSoupCircus
    | Reply

    My school day is twelve hours, and I would only be able to let my ferret out for about four to five hours each day. Is this alright? I mean, I would get it an absolutely colossal cage so it could still run around while I am gone during the day.

  16. SalenaxDiva
    | Reply

    won’t they bite you or others if you let them out?

  17. Iron1540
    | Reply

    If I got a ferret i would name it jonny. idk why

  18. ScreamingTc
    | Reply

    “Oh hai! Take me! Take me! I’m oh so cute, and oh so adorable!”

  19. Calvinios
    | Reply

    So if someone likes kittens and cute things, then a ferret is perfect? PERFECT

  20. patrick10001
    | Reply

    @TadsKadsNekadNebusi Yes you can. But you need to make your house ferret proof. No long curtains. No tables where they can get on etc etc etc…

  21. patrick10001
    | Reply

    @PlayfullFoxKit Don’t adopt an animal when your low on cash!

    Ferrets have expensive needs!

  22. PlayfullFoxKit
    | Reply

    @patrick10001 i know i ment when i have alittle more extra cash.. i already set aside a fund for food and such and a back up for medical care ^^;

  23. Zazumaki
    | Reply

    @AlphabetSoupCircus yeah ferrets need at least four hours of being out of their cages.

  24. dnuofntsol
    | Reply

    She forgot to mention they are natural born thieves! I love ferrets ^_^

  25. meowey55
    | Reply

    i want the one that jumping around ^^

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