How to Care For a Ferret : Pet Ferret Food

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Watch an exotic animal health technician explain how to choose the right food for a pet ferret in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. sinneadfert
    | Reply

    All 8 of mine are on raw meat/bone/organ, as well as whole prey. Best diet out there for them to stay healthy!

  2. chilean96
    | Reply

    mine too i think she is getting tired of it

  3. aveeno101101
    | Reply

    well ya its caring for a living creature and bacteria can build up in the bowls if you dont clean it eveery day.

  4. Mikeybetts
    | Reply

    chillaz, just give it a quick rinse or just put it in with your own dishes from time-to-time

    cleaning once every few days wont hurt them,
    cleaning every day is bieng extra careful.

    just dont completely ignore their bowls and they will be fine

  5. bernar97
    | Reply

    8-in -1 Ultimate and Evo are the best!!!

  6. camillalpz
    | Reply

    @bernar97 Actually Evo is too rich for ferrets and it contains many fruits.

  7. da1nonlydoron
    | Reply

    @ferretsareawesome121 i dunno, i just got mine yesterday and im not too happy with em’. he’s too calm and relaxed compare to what i keep seeing here on youtube. plus, i get kinda parnoid about him peeing on my carpet so i always feel like i gotta watch him.

  8. camillalpz
    | Reply

    @bernar97 And lets not mention that 8 in 1 Ultimate has a toxic ingredient which is garlic oil. Garlic is toxic to many animals including ferrets.

  9. mandachaos
    | Reply

    Marshells is one of the worst foods…..Look at the ingredients and Protien, and fat content. If you love your ferret you will feed them Innova EVO for ferrets šŸ™‚

  10. poil27
    | Reply

    @ChickneSholay evo realy is the best , now zupreem started a line of grain free ferret diet and it’s good at 42% prot ans 18 % fat , i recived a trial bag and my ferret likes it a lot and it seams like thay smell bether and has wonderful coat . i guess it’s worth to give it a try

  11. FolornWolf
    | Reply

    my ferret only sleeps …. it not fun

  12. dreamera1
    | Reply

    @ChickneSholay wrong. Wysong Archetype I is the best food you can give your ferret. it has all meat. Beef Beef liver Chicken Chicken liver Ground Bone

  13. dreamera1
    | Reply

    what is she talking about? Marshalls Premium has ground corn in the top five ingredients. That could KILL your ferret.

  14. dreamera1
    | Reply

    @FolornWolf it could be sick. There supposed to be energetic as well.

  15. Crazy4Cavies
    | Reply

    @da1nonlydoron You should love you ferret for who it is, and if your only bothered about entergetic ferrets, then you shouldn’t have got one. They need affection and individual attention, not complaining and comparing them to something else.

  16. cheshirecat14
    | Reply

    @ChickneSholay Or a raw/whole prey diet!

  17. TheMrBlinx
    | Reply

    @FolornWolf If it isn’t dead yet, you should have taken it to the vet long ago. Healthy ferrets are full of energy and curiosity. Granted, they can sleep 20 hours a day, but they are usually quite active during the remaining 4 hours of wakefulness.

  18. patrick10001
    | Reply

    none of these ferrets foods are good..

    Get yr ferret on a raw diet!

  19. patrick10001
    | Reply

    @sinneadfert Good mine 2 ;)!!

    Greetings from a vegan from Holland who almost vomits when he buys chicken organs from the market >.<!

    And I breed my own cute little hamsters gerbil.. Damn i'm such a monster loL!

  20. sinneadfert
    | Reply

    After talking to a vet a few years ago- I refuse to feed kibbles! Raw/whole prey all the way, lol.

  21. monique9134
    | Reply

    Can i trust all this commercial food to feed my ferret??????We all heard about the pet food scandal since 2007 and most cat an dog owners do not give commercial pet food to their pets anymore..So what about this commercial ferret foods?they are the same toxic or can i trust them?or shell i go for the raw food diet?Pls let me know..:(

  22. munchkin250
    | Reply

    Ferrets need at least a 35% protein diet and that protein should be from meat. Love how they don’t tell you this.

  23. SkySky116
    | Reply

    ok im sorry im having troubles hearing. On many videos they say that u have to feed the mice and such animals. I was wondering if they can eat like food bought food.

  24. EdTheBadass
    | Reply

    Goota love that shizo mouse right behind her.

    jsut jumping from one side to another. BEST PET

  25. MasterMark123
    | Reply

    all my little ones hated food designed for ferrets and would only eat Friskies cat food . The loved popcorn !

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