How to Care For a Ferret : Pet Ferret Exercise: Preparing Your Home

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Watch an exotic animal health technician explain how to prepare your home for safe pet ferret exercise in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. verlibekt
    | Reply

    actually, ferrets like to chew on ANYTHING that they can get in their mouth.

  2. ConorBattenbough
    | Reply

    @Animal1204 yer they just film it once and put in the front of each video

  3. Animal1204
    | Reply

    @Yowulf , im not saying its bad i just think its kinda funny 🙂

  4. drunkenringsk
    | Reply

    i just love how a good portion of these videos tell you nothing.

  5. xXUrbanProductionsXx
    | Reply

    Umm yes I would like some more information. what the heck does this have to do with ferret exercise?

  6. haitiankid09
    | Reply

    I NOE RIGHT no ofence but usaid that already

  7. Betttys
    | Reply

    its the same at start everytime because they use the same clip. how annoying for her if she has to say it every single time!

  8. MelanieToxicBrutal
    | Reply

    i hate expertvillae, i jst got boredd and starting making fun of it lol

  9. sargentsween47
    | Reply

    WTF i thought she would say HOW to ferret proof it not just tell me what the fuck it is!?

  10. livebyfaith777able
    | Reply

    do any one know where i can get a free ferret from i live in tacoma WA send me a msg

  11. livebyfaith777able
    | Reply

    hey im looking for a free ferret if have any info msg me on you tube

  12. ManiacPaintball2020
    | Reply

    i highly doubt there will be a “free” ferret anywhere because u have to pay for vaccinations and other things of that nature

  13. minivor
    | Reply

    were canu buy a ferret in california pm me also how much

  14. LeopardGeckoBreeder1
    | Reply

    ya me too california i think it is illegal to own but if not pm me too

  15. sebastieennzz
    | Reply

    MMMMM wy do so many videos about ferrets than do one or two videos and put all that stuff u had bin talking about ferrets and put it in the vids THAN U WILL ONLY HAVE ONE OR TWO GOODS ASWOME VIDS not every vid is like 1 or 2MIN LONG

  16. SmokinMo11
    | Reply

    usually when someone is looking 4 a free ferret..chances r they want to feed it to their pet SNAKE! Do not give your ferrets away 4 free. charge at least 100.00 bucks 4 ur one will pay that amount to feed a snake if they have any sense.What kind of freak would feed a sweet ferret 2 something that evil.if they do..hopefully one day it will get big enough to EAT THEM!!!!!!

  17. wakenbake005
    | Reply

    @SmokinMo11 when i bought my last ferret 3 years ago at petco they wouldn’t sell these gothic kids/ devil worshipers a ferret cause a worker over heard them talking about feed it to a snake….. but i my uncle told me a ferret could kill some snakes for food he used to have 8 ft snakes and big ass spiders in his glass table

  18. SmokinMo11
    | Reply

    @wakenbake005 Hi sweety..I totally agree w/ur uncle & I read that a ferret is 1 of the only animals on this earth that is capable of killing a bear also.They run up it’s back to it’s neck & rip out the jugular vain…But,today’s ferrets have been domesticated,like dogs & cats.Just depends on how/ what the animal is breeded 4.A domesticated ferret might try to play w/a snake & that could turn out pretty badly 4 our little playful furry friends.n the old days ferrets were used 4 rodent control.

  19. cepson
    | Reply

    @john11i Now that’s the life.

  20. TheresaQ93
    | Reply

    Over here in ireland you dont pay much for ferrets. Up to 10 pounds. We use them for ferreting and as pets. I love my 2 jills and my 3 hobs .. 😀

  21. BetttYnUGGz
    | Reply

    those mice behind her are going awall

  22. SamJB1997
    | Reply

    Anyone else notice the parrot like squawk at the start?

  23. RojasChiller
    | Reply

    Hi im sarah and i dont know shit about ferrets

  24. GAGAisMine142155
    | Reply

    if your fukin called expert village then act like experts and tell us more!!!

  25. GAGAisMine142155
    | Reply

    @john11i hahahahahahahahahaha! lol what do you expect its a rabbit!

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