How to Buy & Care for Chinchillas : Health Concerns of Pet Chinchillas

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Understand the different health concerns of pet chinchillas in this free video. Expert: Lauren Von Lehe Bio: Lauren Von Lehe began the Chinchilla Rescue and Adoption Network while living in Arizona and working at the Second Chance Center for Animals. Filmmaker: Daron Stetner

What do you think?

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19 Responses

  1. thatonegirl2
    | Reply

    What about if you are traveling to a place where you have to take an airplane?

  2. Davito2000
    | Reply

    I wouldnt recommend it at all. Airplanes tend to be very noisy and can get hot, (constant engine roar and the heat of sun coming through the windows). And thats not to mention the chaos of large airports.

  3. diywhore
    | Reply

    i dont belive this person is a expert. scratch that . I know this person isn’t a expert. heatstroke? she forgot to touch that chinchillas sweat. they live in colder invoronment so keep them cool. not cold. cool. and they can’t get wet because their hair clumps together and if pulled can harm their skin severily

  4. kiribeagle
    | Reply

    And yes, they can get wet, but their fur is so dense they can’t get dry. This results in very serious fungal disease. There’s even pix at “How to Buy and Care-Avoid Fungus..”
    Every comment you leave emphasises your ignorance.

  5. kiribeagle
    | Reply

    You have really outdone yourself here!
    One of the first things I learnt about chinchillas is that they DO NOT SWEAT. They cannot control their temperature the way we do, so prefer cool dry conditions. Any Google search will bring up many articles verifying this FACT. Wikipedia article “Chinchillas” has a great number of sources, perhaps you could READ it? Particularly check reference source 19-“Heatstroke”-(below the article..) I cannot put a link here.
    YOU should check before you mouth off.

  6. diywhore
    | Reply

    OMG OMG!! TRUST WIKIPEDIA!!! OMG!. sorry mr scientist. I forgot your over 30 and spend your day researching on wikipedia. I forgot you have owned over 60 chinchillas and Have spent time with breeders and scientists and studied them and know exactly what your talking about. I don’t know how you treat chinchillas in austrailia, or even how your education standards are. Oh sure chinchillas can get wet, if you want them to get sick. Stop spamming youtube with your lack of reason.

  7. kiribeagle
    | Reply

    I figured Wiki would be a good place for you to start-your knowledge seems pretty rudimentary. I think if you want to talk about education standards, you need to back it up with some correct spelling and grammar? I wouldn’t have mentioned it if you hadn’t suggested I was under-educated.. You seem to have discovered that I’m from Oz, and guessed at my age-but why look me up when you could look up something to reduce your apparent ignorance. Well articulated and considered comments are not spam.

  8. bancoran
    | Reply

    I would also recommend against boarding your chin with a kennel or a veterinarian’s office, as they can pick up diseases, unless you are absolutely sure that they will be isolated during their stay. A better idea would be to have a friend or relative stop in every day to make sure your chins are watered and fed, and that they have some time outside the cage for playtime or at least have plenty of toys and a running wheel for exercise.

  9. bancoran
    | Reply

    Barring that, you can ask your local shelter or rescue to recommend reliable petsitters to care for your chins while you are away.

  10. animalsRmyfriends
    | Reply

    man, i dont know wich is more helpful the comments or the person…

  11. mojo92505
    | Reply

    i want a chinchillaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =(

  12. brennabuzybee
    | Reply

    LOL this amuses me. I am an owner as well as a breeder. There is an exception to every incident. Chinchillas do not sweat, hence why you must keep the room no warmer than 70 degrees F. chinchillas can get wet and not get sick if you dry them off quickly enough i’ve had my female take a dip in a toilet and the male decided to join me in the tub and dryin him off and then letting him run around he was fine.

  13. brennabuzybee
    | Reply

    As far as a child under 10 not having one I have sold many 10 week olds to family with kids and there has not been one incident of either the child or chinchilla gettin hurt, but then again i guess it depends on the parents and how well they educate the child on the handling of a chinchilla.

  14. vikkime434
    | Reply

    i too am an owner and this cracks me up. some of the stuff she says is so crazy. ugh!

  15. SpooneySpoonicus
    | Reply

    Lol at 57 seconds, Chin in the background decides to have a jog =)

  16. mtefv
    | Reply

    ok i have a question. what if ur air conditioning breaks or something? how can u keep a chinchilla cool?

  17. mmitwaly
    | Reply

    Im trying hard not to sleep

  18. HANIFX
    | Reply

    @SpooneySpoonicus i love your comment:)

  19. coolpunk100
    | Reply

    noice how she says if it gets to hot they get heat stroke and if it gets cold it can get…cuts out

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