How To Build an Aquarium Backup System

How To Build an Aquarium Backup System

By Ken Wilssens

If you are owner of a beautiful fish tank and you love what you have created, have you ever wondered what could happen if the electricity should happen to fail? This is where an aquarium backup system would protect your fish and the time you have invested in them. You can buy all sorts of generators to keep your fish alive in a situation like this, but you can also build your own.

First you have to find an old or used UPS that is working well. You would probably find one on an old computer, as they are used to protect computers in case of an electrical outage. Always check the voltage of the UPS you find and make sure it is a 12-volt battery. Check the wattage and check to see if it’s compatible for where you’re going to need it, such as the wattage on your fish tank. The UPS will not handle any more wattage than what it was made for. Buy a 12-volt battery. A car battery will serve the purpose, but a marine battery would be better for longer periods of time.

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